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PXP / Rank 3670  ·  Adventurer ?
Location Toastenia(DP-12NS-A)
Special Ability Hyper Intelligence
Player Experience Points (PXP)

You automatically gain PXP by playing in Fabletop sessions.

You earn more by being the GM, and playing in larger groups.

It is updated up to an hour after each session.

Profile Ranks

100 Wanderer
1000 Adventurer
5000 Hero
10000 Avatar
20000 Legend
30000 Immortal
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Characters  100+
Treasures  8
Followers  17 / 93
Membership Advanced
Joined 04.28.2019
Last Visit 06.16.2024
XP Recv'd 198
XP Given 7
A mysterious stranger with many secrets...
Haven the Mage 100 xp GM:  thegamer1411
Junker the Junkyard Engineer 25 xp GM:  nexil
Johnson the Psycho 23 xp GM:  quinndjinn
Champ the Humanoid Dog 15 xp GM:  awalnut
Nine the Clockwork Shadow 15 xp GM:  awalnut
Victor the Rust Bucket Machine 14 xp GM:  skepiboo1
Joseph the Purehearted 13 xp GM:  mastergame44
James the Satyr 10 xp GM:  ignprofessor
Damien the Demonic Contractor 8 xp GM:  derekmelton
Pluto the Comet Golem 8 xp GM:  verysadgirl
Louis the Humanoid Wolf 8 xp GM:  saneki
Chow the Monk 7 xp GM:  xenotheoddst
Ducky the Deformed Brute 6 xp GM:  eternallist
Jack the Dwarf 6 xp GM:  justjoined
Bolt the Robotic Wanderer 5 xp GM:  meepowolf
Lawrence the Doctor 5 xp GM:  cohaki
Franky the Child 5 xp GM:  wifi
Mike the Scotsman 5 xp GM:  lokiodinson
Igor the Hunchback 4 xp GM:  bustamark
Hollow the Masked Screamer 4 xp GM:  nexil
Patrick the Scotsman 3 xp GM:  pyrak
Micheal the Scavenger 3 xp GM:  trotrigar
Tavish the Blacksmith 2 xp GM:  justjoined
Harvey the Lone Wanderer 1 xp GM:  llamascanfly
Echo the Pyro 1 xp GM:  cohaki
Red the Retired Solidier 1 xp GM:  sumdonkas
Morrak the Warrior 1 xp GM:  yummypancake
Argus the Mutant Engineer 0 xp GM:  meepowolf
Turazo the Servant 0 xp GM:  vechmaster
Patrick the Hermit Herbalist 0 xp GM:  charlotte18
Vanros the Lv 1 Knight 0 xp GM:  oman1666
Timothy the Strange Teen 0 xp GM:  kingslypop
Randal the Rat Man 0 xp GM:  seven7
Antonio the Humble Merchant 0 xp GM:  krentell
Reginald the Mysterious Merchant 0 xp GM:  derekmelton
Wilver the Adventurer 0 xp GM:  verysadgirl
Jeffery the Innocent Convict 0 xp GM:  alkwyzheir
Flak the Gnome Mechanic 0 xp GM:  krentell
Mikey the Fractured Soul 0 xp GM:  wifi
Zodiac the Psion 0 xp GM:  derekmelton
Rootaro the Forest Mage 0 xp GM:  pyrak
Wallus the Scrapyard Fixer 0 xp GM:  862ian
Dekoko the Young Deku 0 xp GM:  kilton23
Wallus the Artistic Sleeper 0 xp GM:  lovecraftian
Lazslo the Jester 0 xp GM:  nerfy97
Donny the Musical Medic 0 xp GM:  kilton23
Phillip the Jester 0 xp GM:  alkwyzheir
Nixel the Gnomish Druid 0 xp GM:  autumnbreeze
Marcus the Troubled Man 0 xp GM:  cohaki
Thomas the Doctor 0 xp GM:  bustamark
Louis the Arcane Gunslinger 0 xp GM:  alkwyzheir
Jeremiah the Lucky Fisherman 0 xp GM:  wifi
Gabriel the Resurrected 0 xp GM:  bustamark
Tick the Cheshire Son 0 xp GM:  eggyolkboi
Virgil the Wild Fisherman 0 xp GM:  eell
Viktor the Soviet Technician 0 xp GM:  derekmelton
Atlas the Justice Hunter 0 xp GM:  greenranger9
Rootwick the Forgotten Guardian 0 xp GM:  mastergame44
Finlay the Sailor 0 xp GM:  derekmelton
Walomorus the Druidic Shaman 0 xp GM:  sixfootyoda
Robert the Southern Mechanic 0 xp GM:  derekmelton
Oogah the Hunchbacked Fool 0 xp GM:  darainman
Solomon the Spiritual Eye 0 xp GM:  darainman
Oliver the Old Man 0 xp GM:  darthdracula
Joseph the Diseased Traveler 0 xp GM:  aloikun
Tekazu the Blind 0 xp GM:  zarabeldruin
Tekazu the Blind 0 xp GM:  first
Kanji the Fox Monk 0 xp GM:  verysadgirl
Jamison the Sailor 0 xp GM:  derekmelton
Seamus the Engineer 0 xp GM:  cohaki
Maxwell the Inventor 0 xp GM:  justjoined
Marcus the Nomadic Hunter 0 xp GM:  pyrak
Matthew the Voodoo Doctor 0 xp GM:  meepowolf
Drognoh the Beastly Tribal 0 xp GM:  alkwyzheir
Maxwell the Scientific Surgeon 0 xp GM:  whoptop
Sergey the Rebel Technician 0 xp GM:  sirslaughter
Eterna the Jester of the Void 0 xp GM:  bustamark
Ted the Farm Boy 0 xp GM:  caviar
Diablo the Pyromaniac 0 xp GM:  cohaki
Grielo the Flute Demon 0 xp GM:  wifi
Malimoro the Voodoo Mage 0 xp GM:  thekrakenpup
Baron the Gentle Giant 0 xp GM:  diesuki
Terrus the Nature Golem Giant 0 xp GM:  jungle
Hoppy the Frog Man 0 xp GM:  baragon
Tejo the Frog Boy 0 xp GM:  autumnbreeze
Zodiac the Astral Mage 0 xp GM:  cxjulian
Ted the Grigo Guardian 0 xp GM:  thegamemass
Amoc the Failed Experiment 0 xp GM:  862ian
Farnelis the Mechanic 0 xp GM:  jacesilvers
Hunter the Lumberjack Huntsman 0 xp GM:  thegamemass
Micheal the Warrior 0 xp GM:  bluephoenix
Rags the Living Scarecrow 0 xp GM:  nexil
Toby the Nature Lover 0 xp GM:  yoboi
Declan the Drunken Irishmen 0 xp GM:  minty
Diablo the Skeletal Bandit 0 xp GM:  araldyn
Declan the Dwarf Technician 0 xp GM:  drenian
Crow the Ragman 0 xp GM:  bustamark
Tavish the Goliath Monk 0 xp GM:  lokiodinson
Franklin the Bear Kid 0 xp GM:  megapizza
Dohnny the Gluttony 0 xp GM:  lolcallumwin
Beta Tester
Wanderer - 100 pxp
Adventurer - 1,000 pxp
Following 10 GMs
Following 50 GMs
Played with 5 GMs
Played with 10 GMs