Online Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Code of Conduct


It's up to every player to help keep Fabletop a creative and friendly community.

We expect each member to act with decency and respect.

Your use of Fabletop is subject to these rules.

Membership Requirements

Age Limit. The site is intended for adults, ages 18 and up. By law, players 13 and under are not allowed.

If you are between 14 and 17 years old, you will need to consistently "roleplay" an adult version of yourself. Adolescent behavior will not be tolerated.

No Rule-Players. Fabletop is for players interested in freeform storytelling-style roleplaying. If you prefer tactical or stats-heavy systems, this site might not be for you. Sorry!

Good Things to Do

Be creative! Create imaginative worlds, characters, situations, dialogue, and stories. This is what Fabletop is all about.

Support the creativity of others. Not everyone will have the same style that you do. But it's still important to give your fellow players and GM's room to contribute in their own way. The interplay of different ideas (with a dash of randomness via the dice) is what makes tabletop roleplaying so interesting!

Be polite. It might seem old fashioned, but "please" and "thank you" go a long way. Thank your GM and thank your players. Also, smileys are a great way to smooth out potential disagreements. =)

Write well. All communication and roleplaying in Fabletop is text-based. Always write clearly, using the best grammar and spelling possible.

Share. Offer roleplaying tips, ideas, and experiences with your fellow players, either in chat or in the forums.

Welcome new players. In addition to learning how Fabletop works, some players will be new to roleplaying entirely. Please be patient and try to set a good example. Don't use derogatory terms like "newbie" or "noob".

Table Etiquette

Be constructive. Never criticize another player or GM. It's better to suggest other ideas, or set a good example with your own contributions.

If another player is open to constructive feedback, it is better to send it in private.

No multi-tabling. Out of respect for your fellow players, only join one game at a time so that you can be responsive and fully engaged.

Table bans & kicks. Table-level bans and kicks can be issued at the GM's discretion in response to disruptive behavior, but should be used responsibly.

If you are banned or kicked from a table, do not retaliate or try to escalate the situation. Simply unfollow the GM and move on.

How to leave a game. If you have decided you are not enjoying a game as a player, you can politely leave by saying, "Thanks for hosting. Sorry, but I have to leave early."

How to decline a player. As a GM, you don't have to accept every player into your game. You can politely decline by explaining in a private message: "Sorry, but I don't think our play styles are the same. I'd like to leave that spot open for someone else." As a player, please respect this request.

Things NOT to Do

Some of these things might be allowed on other websites, but they not allowed here because they detract from quality roleplaying and discussion.

  • Trolling or "feeding" trolls.
  • Rants or other "everything sucks" type screeds.
  • Talking about sensitive topics such as real world politics and religion. This never goes well and is unrelated to roleplaying, so just avoid it.
  • Memes. You are probably creative enough to contribute something original instead of copying a fad.
  • Promoting your table outside of the Tables page area or Mystic Glade. Private message spam is prohibited.
  • Promoting your product or blog. Feel free to leave a link in your profile, but any other conspicuous self-promotion is generally in bad taste.
  • Attempts to get around the profanity filter with different spelling. You can roleplay just fine without explicit profanity. Let the %#&@ filter do its thing, and the other players can use their %#&@ imagination.
  • Serious Offenses

    Rule of Thumb. If something is not appropriate for a face-to-face meetup in public, it's not appropriate on Fabletop.

    Everything is public. Even if you are in a private session, remember that characters and chatlogs are public by default. Assume that anyone can end up seeing what you are doing.

    Permanent Bans. These actions will probably result in a permanent ban:

  • Insults or negative content based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Sexually explicit content or sexual double-meanings.
  • Threats, harassment, impersonation, defamation, or otherwise seeking to harm or ridicule others.
  • Insulting other players, even if they are not in the same chatroom.
  • Creating multiple accounts. Only one account is allowed per player.
  • Attempting to cheat. This includes metagame systems like PXP.
  • Abusing the table kick/ban system, or retaliating against a table kick/ban.
  • Contributing to or escalating any kind of out-of-game conflict. Leave the drama in the game where it belongs.
  • How to Respond. If someone at the table is acting inappropriately, simply point out (politely) that it "is probably not appropriate for Fabletop", and leave it at that.

    DO NOT argue or otherwise try to escalate the situation. If the problem persists, leave the table and contact the site admin in private, and let them resolve the issue.

    Warnings & Bans

    Fabletop is a privately owned website, and moderation is a part-time effort.

    We don't want to waste our time managing the behavior of complete strangers, so cooperation is appreciated.

    Realize that there is no safety net. Having a lot of friends or high PXP does not give anyone extra freedom to break the rules.

    Here is our general approach toward moderation:

  • We reserve the right to edit or remove any content without warning.
  • Players who have minor infractions will be warned privately.
  • After being warned, players who openly hold a grudge or drag out the resolution of an issue will probably be banned. In other words, don't make a mountain out of a molehill.
  • Players who don't seem willing or able to follow the Code of Conduct will be banned without warning.
  • Bans are permanent. Banned players are not allowed to return with a different account.
  • Bans are not discussed publicly, to limit unnecessary drama and to be fair to those who are no longer present.
  • The best advice is: Don't create drama. If you see any, stay as far from it as possible.

    If you are at a table that is openly violating the rules, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY.

    With respect, participation on Fabletop is voluntary. If you do not agree with these rules, there are many other fine websites and games to use instead.


    Thanks in advance for helping to keep this a great place for roleplaying.