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frost Sep '12
Feel free to use this thread to tell us about yourself.

- Where you're from
- What games you have played
- The kind of games you want to run/join

Thanks, and welcome!
craptasket Sep '12
-- Craptasket --
- Norway, Vest-Agder

- D&D 4e , Exodus d20 Role-Playing Game.

- Exciting games which welcomes everyone.
drmonster Sep '12
--Drmonster (apparently Dr. von Supervillain is too long for this establishment. ;D )--
-Mississippi, USA

-D&D 3.5/4e, oWoD (V:tM, D:tF, W:tO), MERP, B&B, Chaosium CoC 5th ed and Pendragon 2nd ed, AFMBE, and quite a few indie games.

-I'd like to play in games that are fun, exciting, and relaxed. I would like the same to be thought of the games I ever intend to operate.
fitrandi Oct '12
-- Fitrandi--

- Hull, Canada (yea yea...)

- D&D (3.5, 4th edition), WOD (hunter and Mage), Outbreak:undead

-I'd like to play in games with people who are abel to captivate me with new ideas. I don't want to be able to predict the next move at a glance of you're writing... I want to be blown away by it and really feel In the game! In return I'll do the same ^_^

Doesn't mather how fast it is or if your a newby or a hard core player, I also don't care if you make mistakes (we all do) . I just want to have fun.

P.S: Don't make a fuss over my spelling mistakes that just pisses me off... I'm here to have fun... if you're gona be a spelictator tell me before we start...

Let the adventure begin!
jb105 Oct '12

-my name is Jon (jb105)

-Connecticut USA

-D&D (3.5 and 4), Savage worlds (Basic, Salomon Kane, slipstream), Call of Cthulhu 6th, Star wars (d20), d20 modern. and now hopefully ill get a chance to play Fabletop.

-I like a fun time when playing, and if someone is making fun of or correcting (in a negative way) my grammar, punctuation or spelling Im not going to have a fun time. but other then that Im here to get my game on and maybe meet some new gaming buddies.
dragon Oct '12
Dragon here:

From Arkansas, lived all over though. Currently reside in AR.

Before saying what game systems I have played, I must state that I'm a bit older and not up to date on the latest systems available today. ( I'm 37 for those that want to know.)
Started my role-playing back in high school, with a group already playing RPGs like, DnD ( or ADnD... TSR versions ), Marvel Superhero, and Shadowrun ( FASA editions ).
After school, primarily stuck with DnD, until Wizards of the Coast bought TSR out. I then played primarily Shadowrun, and discovered Earthdawn ( FASA version). Eventually, I got married... going to games , and even after a time, finding folks that played the same games I did... became hard to do or find.
I tried jumping into online role-playing... didn't have much success at it much.
Mush's ( or MUDs) seemed very new-user unfriendly..., and those playing in them were rude, crude, and wouldn't answer even the simplest questions with-out degrading you somehow.
Play by post/email ... simply too slow, and never seemed to satisfy my desire to RP.
I discovered WebRPG until it went "pay to play" then shut down. Never did much with it. I jumped over to OpenRPG for a table top simulator... even wrote and programmed alot of Earthdawn content into it ( doesn't exist now though) ... I had trouble getting players there. OpenRPG took some extra downloads, and most folks on it, played some pokemon-like RPG custom games... I wasn't into.
I did make a " d6 lite" type of game, similar to what Fabletop has... very rules light, used more for RP. I got to run several on-going sessions of a "resident evil" series type of game. Still... players disappeared, and I eventually stopped using the system.
Then Neverwinter Nights the video game came out. It was my "introduction" to DnD 3.0... but when the game cam eout, that system was already outdated as well. Still, I used NWN to RP on custom made worlds and servers... even ran a few myself. after about 10 years later... the quality of players and worlds to choose from, dwindled down. I stopped playing a couple years ago on that, even removed the game from my system... I just got bored/tired of it finally.

I quit playing RPGs all together... my passion gravitated towards playing airsoft, and MilSim ( Military simulation games ) . ( don't wanna explain, google it please. )

Though... these long years later... I miss role-playing. I miss being creative, and expressing my imagination in those ways. I love being both a player, and a GM.
So, I was browsing, and ran across this beta-type of system... decided to have a look. I'm kinda "hooked" on it right now, as it's easy to understand, and can be "played right out of the box" per say... lol.
I'm not too keen on the ability and trait limits as they are set right now. I think FABLE-SYSTEM could support long term play/campaigns easily enough, ... not just for short sessions. I look forward to the day when it can be truly non-limiting and be customized more and more.

The Kind of games I wish to play:
As long as it's fun... I'm game for almost anything.
I'm gonna try to work on running a game myself... converting my old "Fantasy 6 " system into Fable-System mechanics. It will take a great deal to come up with the "extras" for running one though. I really want to decide on a world to use it in as well.

Other things worth mentioning:
I can't spell, or type very good... please don't bug me about punctuation, grammar, and all that stuff. I'm also slow to type... so if you are in game with me... grant me time please. I really get put off by impatient remarks and rudeness.

I like to focus my games, more on Role Playing... telling the stories, ect. Combat of course happens... it' s the trademark of RPGs, lol.
But, I like folks that get into their characters, and really give them thought.
I like PCs that get involved in the realm they are in. Static cookie-cutter PCs, that only swing swords or blast spells , just to gain XP and treasures... isn't fun for me to design plots and sessions for. Mindless combat is easy. It' s bland...
As a GM, I look for personality in PCs, and flavor. I like imaginative participants. I like PCs, that give as much into the "story" or " plot", or game, as I give to it... really make it fun, and not "stale".
corven Oct '12
Hey there guys! I am Jonathon and from Panama City Flordia

Been gaming since gaming wasn't 'cool'. Did alot of D&D 1ed and went along with them as they came out. But now activly playing 2nd ed. Did WoW from beta to cata. Just became to easy to left it.

Roommate showed me this site today and now we are stuck. Played us a small game that lasted a hour or two. A few combat runs and such. Alot of rp. Gonna spend my day tomorrow writing up a nice little story line and get this going.

So anywhos, that me. Nice to see you all here.
lonepaladin Oct '12
Greasings and sanitations!

I go by 'LonePaladin' basically everywhere online that'll let me. I'm one of those old graybeard veteran gamers -- literally, I'm pushing 40 and showing a sprinkling of gray. I started playing RPGs back in '84 with the D&D Basic boxed set (the one with the dice you had to color with a crayon). I've played literally dozens of RPG systems over the past 30 years, more than I can recall.

I've kept up with the current trends in gaming, having played every edition of D&D, as well as the other major titles like Rolemaster, Shadowrun, Champions, GURPS, the White Wolf games... well, you get the idea.

I'm the guy behind HeroForge, a popular character creator for 3rd-edition D&D. Making this required me to learn the rules inside out and figure out how to translate the stuff into code, so I have that edition's rules permanently etched into my brain. :\ This also means that I have a tendency to look *very* closely at how different parts of an RPG interact.

So, now, I just have to have the fortuitous timing to be online here when there's actually a game running. I keep showing up to an empty lobby. :(
drmonster Oct '12
DUDE! I utilized the expletive out of HeroForge, and ushered in a new age of power-gaming in my 3.5gaming groups.
ccmanarki Nov '12  /  edited Nov '12
- North Texas, USA
- i've played dnd 3.5, (hesitantly) dnd4.0, vampires:the masquerade, mage:the ascension, exalted, d20 modern, runebearer, various systems/formats
- i'm up to trying out just about system, but i prefer fantasy generally, and fantastic sci-fi

edit:I prefer games that take themselves seriously (i.e. *not* "kobolds ate my baby" and the like). I can't stand poor grammar, a few simple mistakes are excusable, talking like you don't know language is not.
cosmus Nov '12
-Cosmus, from California, USA.
-I've played D&D 4e, and I've been playing Fabletop since...October 2. It's really fun! Great job, Frost!
-I've been running/playing Fantasy-style games, and An currently trying to figure out how to run a Battlestar Galactica game.
fora Nov '12
Hi guys, my name is Fora, I have never played any kind of table top. However, I have always wanted to. I stumbled upon this page a few days ago and thought I'd check it out and give it a go. I look forward to playing my first game sometime soon!

-Fora out!
petebain89 Nov '12
My name's Pete and I'm from Dumfries, Scotland.

I've mostly played AD&D and Star Wars D20, but I've GM'd Paranoia XP and Airship Pirates and I'm familiar with D&D 3e.

I'm all about the roleplaying and like to approach problems creatively. If I wanted to sit down and carefully calculate every move, I'd be playing chess. The same goes for Gming; I'll bend the rules to allow plans so crazy they just might work, but that's no guarantee that it will. ;-)
jopperm2 Nov '12
Hey everyone! I found this site yesterday when I was bored in class. I've been playing RPGs since 8th grade (so about 16 years or so), and have played lots of different systems, genres, and play styles.

I live in Des Moines, Iowa, which is the greatest place on Earth in my opinion. I'm in law school, I have a wife and two kids and a beagle/basset hound mix dog.

I can't wait to get in on the action!
revoric Nov '12
Hello, i am Weng Wan from Singapore

I do not have any experience in tabletop games, but i have always wanted to try. I hope to have a great time and look forward to my first session here.
wulfric Dec '12
Hello, I'm Wulfric
I'm from southern California, USA
I've played D&D 3.5, Pathfinder, Pathfinder Society, and I Dmed Iron Kingdoms
Looking for a relaxed group to go on some exiting adventures with
trollnest Dec '12
Hi guys, I'm Jeff
I'm from PA, but now I live in Toronto, Canada.
I have limited experience with tabletop games but I pretty fundamental background in the subject (I think).
I'm looking for light easy-going games that focus more on character interaction than "Gorak split the wizards skull in twain, showering the room with blood and brains and unidentifiable squishy bits that looked like gray pop corn."
Although I understand that happens and can be hilarious.
challenger Dec '12  /  edited Dec '12
Ha ha, nice post, Trollnest.

I'm David. I wrote Challenger RPG: a Free Role-playing Game (challenger I came across this site when looking up virtual tabletops for a fan who wanted info on 'online' games or ways of running Challenger. This is probably the most awesome virtual tabletop site I've seen. It'd be great if we could get more people on here.

I currently run a pretty loose, free-form, jump right in style game with a couple minor house rules (customize your character's main class/attribute and two main pieces of gear in addition to basic stuff). I've run two adventures today, and they were a blast! Great players.

Stuff I think would be awesome: icons/minis for doors, traps, chests; different dice! d20 (can even be optional/low graphics); and option for quick games. I know most games will run 2+ hours and 1+ hours is ideal for prep, but computers have everyone trained to move at lightning speed (I.e. GM sets up game, gets bored after 10 seconds, player shows up and can't find GM so gets bored after 10 seconds and leaves, etc).

Anyway, great site. Very cool.


I've played practically everything. I also design games and write fantasy novels.

About My Games:

I run fast and loose. I try to prep when I have time, but I love to improv and following the 'cool' ideas of the players is often it's own reward. I'm pretty creative with rules systems so don't expect the game to be 'exactly' by the book when I run it.

I like humor in my games and a quick style. I don't really go in much for stuffiness or over abundance of rules (it especially slows things up online). I also love to show new players how to game. Feel free to ask me questions/jump right into my games any time. Everyone is always welcome.

Games I'd Join:

Pretty much everything. I'd like to support this site when I have the time off work. If someone's being nutty, I can always quit. :)

More info about my stuff can be found on my website: challenger

foxinsox Dec '12
I've been RP'ing for decades. Decades. But real life took over at some point and I just don't have time to commit to regular/lengthy campaigns. I miss the atmosphere and rush of roleplaying with humans, though. I've played D&D since 2nd Ed, though I really preferred 3rd. I've also played Shadowrun since it was first published, and stopped somewhere in between 2nd and 3rd edition. I've GM'd more than I've played, and I may be willing to do so here if I find a good crew and acquire all the basic skills.

Total noob to this style of tabletop, so I'll need some kind souls to walk me through it.
grammiton Dec '12
My name is Matt (I go by Grammiton), 28 years old, I'm over in east Texas, U.S.A. I found this website the other day via StumbleUpon, and was really impressed. I've played Roleplaying Video Games for my entire life, and MMORPG's just as equally. I used to have a good group that played D&D 3.5, 4, and D20 Modern, but we have since parted ways. We all still keep close contact, and for a good number of years we've been looking for a virtual tabletop system that we'd be able to use, but the ones we've found have either a) been way too complicated and clunky or b) based on a VERY obscure ruleset that is very hard to adapt to, and is way too slow. I JUMPED at the chance to use this one, due to its simple ruleset and fast gameplay. When we had our whole group (+ some more!) playing this past weekend, we knew this is the Great Uniter. =)

When I do GM, I usually play a very combat-centric game, and I'm particularly fond of describing killing blows and power attacks in *intricate* detail for my players.
goodjobjack Jan '13
Hey everybody,

I'm Jack (GoodJobJack) and I'm from Sparks, Nevada.

I've always been interested in D&D type tabletop games. That being said, I have actually had woefully little exposure to tried and true tabletop games. I spent a week creating a great character for what was to be my first foray into tabletop rpg's (some sort of vampire-something, I forget ^_^;;). Nothing against my friend but his GM skills were minimal but the problem was the other two players. One was under the impression that the game revolved around him and the other has ADD... Needless to say, it was a train wreck. Not a great first impression.

But I think it's time to give it another go. Fabletop looks promising for a noob such as myself. Uncomplicated and a welcoming player base. Ok, I'm in :D Someday I'd like to run a game myself but until then I'm just hoping to get into some games and learn the basics. I'm a quick learn and I play well with others as long as they have enough patience to give me the time. I like combat, I like plot, I like character development, it's all good to me.

Looking forward to gaming with you all :D

-Good Job Jack
chiron0224 Jan '13
Hey guys Chiron here. Not sure if anyone actually reads these. Anyhow, I'm very into roleplaying and story telling, but that's not why I'm here. I want to come to this site to play quick games when I have breaks during my day. If you ever see my table open, just hop and and let's roll.

Games I've played: D&D 3.5, Pathfinder, Mongoose Traveller, assorted less well known games like Don't Rest Your Head, or Misspent Youth
trheadshot Feb '13
My name is Patrick, I come from NJ!
I've played a few free form RP's, mostly forum stuff, as well as a simple game (Similar to this but with a grid system) in real life of my own creation..

I'm here for a good time and to have some free-form, creative fun!
aaro Apr '13
Hello, all!

I am living in Minnesota, though originally from South Carolina. I have limited tabletop RPG experience, confined mainly to D&D 3.5/4e, Last Night on Earth, and Munchkin. I have DM'ed each of these games, and spent countless hours creating unique content for each.

I started RPGs a little late; I was fully 22 before my first D&D session; but they immediately captured my imagination, and I was hooked. I'm now not much older, but I still retained my fascination with RPGs, even though my group dissolved years ago (military orders). I have read dozens of reference guides, handbooks, and compendiums, and studied different systems and mechanics.

I've tried several online RPG systems (most recently, "roll20"), and found them to be too cumbersome, focusing too heavily on visuals and technology, and too little on actual game play.

I would love to be in any game! Combat-oriented, role-playing geared, and anything in between. When I run a game, I gravitate toward role-playing, but I recognize the importance of battle, and will include it often.

I have several homemade, full-length encounters ready and waiting for three or four players. I'm very optimistic about this website, and I can't wait to play/run some sessions.
xiphoid Apr '13
I'm Nader (xiphoid) from the UK, I've never played a tabletop game before but have been interested and wanted to give them a try. The whole idea of fleshing out a world and the characters to go along in it is very interesting to me. Also who doesn't love swinging sharp, pointies at monsters?

At the moment I'm willing to try just about anything be it combat/rp/ etc.
Looking to try this out and get some experience and learn how to play, while hopefully having a good time. Really looking forward to getting involved!
slayer Apr '13
Hi I'm Slayer I've never played a tabletop game and I wanted to give them a try. Seems like people are never on though.
dowjin Apr '13
Hi I'm Dowjin and this application is PERFECT for my needs.

I need a platform that allows me to invite players into my games with 0 install and 0 technical problems and 0 learning curve. This program delivers in spades.

10/10 would pay for.

The only thing that could make it better is integrated dice support. Such as /roll 1d20 or /roll 1d8.

Also maybe expanding the maps to be larger and/or having a map editor. I'll be repeating these desires in the BETA thread.

Also if I am a paid member can free users I DM for access material and maps for free through me? Very interested.

Please do, will pay.

contact at: (email hidden)
thatguy991 Apr '13
Hey there, all. I'm thatguy991 from the Philippines. Yeah, a bit unimaginative.

I've a slight modicum of gaming experience under my belt (I have, however, spent plenty of time browsing /tg/). Played a little bit of Exalted, DnD 2/3.5/4E, and FF's Warhammer 40k RPGs, although the groups never stuck around for long, so I'm eager to finally find a consistent, newbie-friendly bunch.

That said, I'm good for just about any sort of game, with a slight bias in favor of humor, sci-fi, and high fantasy.

Looking forward to gaming with you all, folks!
yushirogowa3 May '13
Hello! I am a kid of seventeen years old and I'm a very hardcore gamer; I've been playing video games since 1996 (the year I was born) but one of my most favorite genres of gaming is Roleplaying. Whether on a console or computer, or on a tabletop board, roleplaying games hold a special place in my heart. Hope to become a big member of the community.
parttimemage May '13
Hello, I'm from the United States, and I only have experience with video game RPG's, not tabletop. I'm willing to join any game, as long as the gm's don't mind. Looking forward to playing with you guys.
left4lunch May '13
-Greetings, Fabletoppers, I am from the Caribbean island of Trinidad.
-I have no real experience with any tabletop RPG's, and I joined because it looks like the perfect gateway experience (however the Warhammer40K universe looks pretty interesting).
-I am open to all kinds of games, be it serious or simple, and all I ask is for a unique experience.
nitka May '13  /  edited Dec '16
Greetings fellow RPG fans! I am known as Nitka of Finland or just Nitka! (newb around here)

Thought i would update this .. about time to.
Okay, so .. I am a 20 years old male electrician from finland, i am really into lore, D&D and other stuff like that even though ive never properly done it myself.
I have played games all my life. My favourite games are probably dishonored, dungeon keeper 2, starcraft, warcraft 3, doom 3, other things of that nature. Sci-fi and fantasy stuff is kewl mmkay.
crunchildor May '13
Hello everyone!
My name is Joshua but people call me Crunchie.
I'm from the exotic and bizarre lands of Australia.
Love Pathfinder and making stories/wacky characters.
Really up for some role play goodness just for kicks.
coolcat702 Jun '13
Hi, I'm coolcat, or coolcat702, as i'm better known.
I love making multi-dungeon zelda style adventures, it has that tinge of awesomeness. I'm probably the most active person on here, everyone else has such a tight schedule.
kawaiirahmen Jun '13
I am KawaiiRahmen,
(a.k.a Cute Noodles.)
I picked this name because of two things I like. Cute things and Noodles.
(Sounds strange already!)

I hail from, America.

Anyway, I've never really played any D&D as I had nobody near me who really enjoyed those games, so I was really lonely when I wanted to play something like that. However one day I was searching on the internet for some RPG's to play and stumbled upon this fantastical gemstone lying in the dirt. I looked at it for a bit, learned what it was about and was instantly hooked! At first I started doing stories solo, however it got boring quickly. Without other characters to add their own perspectives and opinions on the story. So I began running some Roleplays with friends of mine, which worked out a little bit. Until I began running out of stories and took a 2-3 month long hiatus, which kind of allowed me to think up stories. So I returned with new stories and new ideas for characters along with a new system for my Table! And I soon began doing roleplays with other people from other sites and such.

The way I run games and what kind I games I would like to join.

I usually run Fantasy-themed games, although on one occasion I began a Fallout 3 Roleplay with a friend which I've LONG abandoned due to not being able to figure out where to continue the story. I don't mind most roleplays, as I'm quite flexible with many different themes, Space, Modern, Fantasy, ect.

Extra things you should probably should or shouldn't know!

I can be a stickler for spelling mistakes and errors, however I do try to refrain from letting that side take over.

I do take long breaks to think of and develop stories for roleplays, ( When I think of a story to use, at times I begin to think "What if my roleplayers don't like it?" or "What if it's too bland?" Which contributes to me not roleplaying so much. I REALLY want the content I present to be worthwhile for you to sit down and join me on an adventure, not just sit there whilst watching tv waiting to roll. I want you to be captivated by the story! the Characters! The um...Story! That's why I'll not be on so often. (Or I may have classes.)

Another tidbit of information.

My table's "Info" tab.

When you go to the Info tab and see a towering behemoth of text staring you down, It may seem intimidating. Don't feel intimidated, It's just lines of words strung together. Simply read and comprehend it, and you're good to go!
zeronic Jun '13
Hey Guys

Andru here, go by my char name Zeronic Raiden (damn letter limits =w=")

Until now, my first and proper board game which doesn't involve going round in squares collecting money and going to jail... would be Last Night On Earth: The Zombie Board Game (planning to slowly collect all the expansions)

I'm trying to understand the ancient art of role playing games without fancy graphics and (what i knew recently) no board, no minifigs ... just roles on sheets of paper... (role of paper) And yes, I'm fond of puntastic ways of wordplay.

Hopefully I'll get to have fun with you all... well that's impossible (there's too many of you people =A=") but yeah, you get what I mean :P
lordadam Jun '13
well i literally joined this site a few days ago and played 1 game so far. i think the biggest issue is that there are none on the weekdays... well im up to game any day of the week i check my mail everyday and i guess i like anything. i have always enjoyed rpg games and have always tried to create one (almost did actually just 10g wasnt in the picture)

well i am from minnestoa XD and have never really played games like this other than my 1. i loved it

so if a group of people want a gm or another player feel free to message me and ill see what i can do :)
dynomice Jun '13
I Am from MA. New England US.


Any kind of game is good for me :)
palegeon Jul '13
EDIT: Whoops double post. --Delete post please?--
palegeon Jul '13
I R Pal (Palegeon)

I come from the Chicago Metroplis in Illinois (I'm not saying which town X_X).

Warhammer 40k, bored -_- games, Age of Empires 2, Star Wars EAW, Fabletop... ...Wait what?.

Two words. GAME ON! >:D
lothar Aug '13  /  edited Aug '13
I done a little tabletopping but it's been a while. I could never got really seriously into it but now I want to get back into it. I have played a few games here and it was a ton of fun. Message me and let's get a campaign started.
talyn Aug '13

umm Tennessee

I started playing D&D when I was seven and just enjoyed it till I graduated school. Which I kinda kinda burned out from it. I want to play a good fantasy game where we act as adventuers not mmo characters. But enought about that I've playd 3e d&d 3.5e, some 4e, Star Frontiers, and umm Path finder. Oh and a zombie survival game that me and my friends created but didn't get far in.

Games I'm interested in playing well I love playing paladins or mages in fantasy games so likely one of those or a Star Frontiers feel...I'm new to Fabletop but would be interesting in trying a good game.
kingsmen Sep '13
Hi I'm Kingsmen!

I'm from Southern California

I'm a band geek as well, so in a way, I complete the nerd-spectrum! =P

I have played Star Wars D20, Star Wars Edge of the Empire, D&D 3.5 and a little bit of Traveller D20.

I really like sci-fi (can you tell?! =P) but I don't mind genre when I'm around a fun group of people!
caul Jan '14
Okay, so I haven't done this yet, and this is day 11 and I don't seem to be stopping, so, officially, here is my introduction.

I am caul. I live in the midwest of the United States. I've been playing tabletop roleplaying games for about 20+ years, as GM most of the time. I am experienced with rules heavy systems (Rifts), medium (Savage Worlds), and light (Fate), and if I haven't played it, I have probably owned and read it at some point.

After a week, I think I am just going to stick pretty close to frost's vision for Fabletop and run very light narrative games. As far as Genre goes, as some of you have already discovered, I have gaming ADD, and so I'll run anything. But don't get rid of those characters, because once I start a setting I _will_ come back to some point.

Alright, that's me. Game on!
woolyfsh2 Jan '14
Hello all newbies. I am woolyfsh2, whimsical and/or serious alliterationist. I have read your posts and am intrigued. A few of you can make for some decent GMs, a few decent players. I am one of those few, those proud fabletoppers who can do both pretty well. My advice is: enjoy what you do here and you will keep coming for more. Be original, be creative and be sure to ask the GM about trait rules. :P
sodadarwin Apr '14
- New York in the USA
- When it comes to tabletops I've had some very minor experience in D&D 3.5, and I've read the 3.5 and 4th edition rulebooks way too much.
- I really don't know what kinds of games I want to join. I need to learn first of course, even though this is a simple system. Probably fantasy and scifi stuff, not too terribly interested in things like investigation focused things.
doug23 Aug '14
Hey, i'm dan from Pennsylvania. I just got started into tabletop rpgs as a whole.
wavejones Sep '14
Ahoy! It's wavejones over here.
You can find me in the far regions of southeast asia, more specifically, Indonesia. I like to travel, i've been to, but not limited to, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and the Netherlands.
My other interest is gaming in general. I love to play games where the story is elaborate and detailed. I don't care what the gameplay and/or presentation is, i just want a good story to follow.
I like to join games in which i am not limited to the standard rules, games where i could be what my character is, games where i could leave anytime i want because my laptop battery's lifetime is really short, games where i could explore the world and make my brain go wild.
I also like to host ridiculous campaigns, in which, you are not playing by the standard fabletop rules. I make up my own rules and try to build it from the ground up.

Thanks for reading, this has been wavejones.
austintm Feb '15
Names Austin M... I have been on here for around a year... a little late for introductions, but anyways I have played WarHammer 40K as a Croot bounty hunter, Warhammer Fantasy as a human hunter, and I plan on being the game master for Star Wars Edge of the Empire. I was born in Tennesee, and now I live in Florida (beautiful place). I love playing custom RPGs and I love traveling. I prefer to play some sports, host some Fabletop now and then, and hangout with my friends. I tend to be goofy sometimes, and serious at others. Cya around-Lightning McQueen
mimbles Feb '15
Hi. My name is Mim :) Mimbles is a nickname Oman1666 gave me shortly after we started dating. I've been on here for just over a year. I like games in general, ranging from things like Fallout, COD, Fable, and GTA, (Though I personally prefer RDR)
I like music and can play 8 different instruments, 9 if you include your voice. (Piano, flute, guitar, bass, cornet, violin, Tenor recorder, drums)
I like languages too, and can speak English and German, and am learning Bulgarian, Russian, and Japanese.
I really like mysteries, and want to host some modern crime things, but I'm still deciding on how I want to go about it. I like general fantasy too. (Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter etc.) And Sci-Fi. (Mostly Doctor Who.)
Thanks for reading :)
fisty Feb '15  /  edited Feb '15
Hello My Name Is Fisty, I have been here a while and Played with many people. This site is very enjoyable and effective in crafting simple games to play with friends.
I have played d&d ,Different home brews and weird games my friends made.
I'm From California, but I live in Oregon.
I am also immortal, I have never died not even one time.

I'm very important.
Also you adore me.
You love my homemade Salsa.

Lets play games till we Die. Or Until we grow up. I know which is coming first for me.
ameythaler May '15
Hello I am Andrew Meythaler, or as people ameythaler as my username has shortened to, or perhaps even amey as players have dubbed my for some reason.

I am from Portland Oregon in the United States. I heard about this game through a forum for a Space Station 13 sever I frequent called BayStation 12. Space Station 13 being a small scifi themed roleplaying game, and Baystation 12 being a Heavy Roleplaying server born from the Dwarf Fortress Bay 12 community.

I have played SS13 for a couple years now, and it is my foremost roleplaying experience. Before now I have tried to run everything from paranoia to DnD with no success as scheduling was an issue; as was wrangling all my friends and getting them to learn a ruleset. Fabletop solves those issues fortunately.

I am currently running N.M.V. Terminus, my scifi adventure set in the BS12 lore of the SS13 universe. It is what I am most familiar with and what I can most comfortably run.

However there are a few other games I love and would love to play/run games based upon:
-Fallout: Fortunately several people are way ahead of me here, and I hope to be able to jump in on one of those sessions.
-XCOM: Being able to defend the earth from aliens is rad, and the format of the XCOM games lends itself well to Fabletops style.
-Paranoia: Pitting players against each other online may lead to issues and arguments, so being tough on players to keep arguments IC will be vital but I would love to see it happen, as the setting is delightfully dark.
-Inglorious Basterds: A lovely movie, and having players plot Nazi assassinations would be awesome, and would finally give the Nazi sprites a fair use.
-Generic Steam Punk piracy: Who doesn't love steam punk and airships?
-Heist: Modern or 20's, robbing banks never goes out of style
-Sunless Sea: I love the universe, and some nautical fun never hurt.
-Original Fantasy: At some point I would love to sit down and work out some fantasy world for players to explore. Don't know what yet.

Games that would be cool to see but that I won't try:
-Warhammer 40K: Personally I think the universe is too huge to explore within the bounds of Fabletop
-StarWars: Not that big of a starwars nerd, so I don't really know enough to get invested.
-Eldritch Horror: I'm not a good enough writer to make an original eldritch story work.
elmizki Aug '15
I'm elmizki and for some reason people call me elm when I intended to be at least called el, L, or mizki. Oh well, I guess I have another nickname. I live in Canada and it's pretty funny when people say 'eh'.

Well, this is my first "tabletop" game but I tried Rping in other sites, one of them I Gmed but dropped due to RL matters and where Quests are very very popular. I also like games such as Mass Effect, Dragon Age, something that's similar to those genres though I really like magical stuff.

I want to join games where it's fun and relaxed, there's game pressure still but no bad manners that would add more unnecessary pressure. I mean, it wouldn't really be fun when people argue OOC while people are playing.

Also, I love shiny objects.
kanto5 Sep '15
I'm kanto5, and I like playing games. :D
I hate hosting games. And I once ran over a truck like.. 10 times bigger than my bike! The truck didn't run over me, I ran over the truck! :D
Ever since, i've been getting kinda dull, so deal with it, yah? :D
quatro09 Dec '15
Hi! I'm from Malaysia

I've played a lot of games. To name a few, I've played D&D, Owl Hoot Trail and 13th Age.

I'm interested to play anything as long as it's an adventure. I'm not really good with space and technology thingies but am interested to try if the Gm have the patience to teach. See you guys in game!
indicorb Apr '16
Well hello! I finally made it to the Introduction section. The name's indicorb, you may call me Corbin if you like.

I hail from Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA.

I'm new to the whole tabletop/d20 system, but I'm having fun learning here. I'm not new to roleplay. I've done a loooot of roleplay on random RPGs, most of which are long gone and forgotten by now.

Anyway, looking forward to many fun-filled adventures!
edward Aug '16
Hoooo boy, I didnt even know this existed after a year.

Yeah Hi. I literally despise my username because I couldnt think of anything else, and some dude who joined once and never joined again took the name Edward, which is, you know, my name.

But hi, I'm Ed, I don't usually play medfans, which is weird for tabletop rpg's, but it's whatever, I'm also a pretty big star wars and dishonored nerd. But once I find a table I really like, expect me to be there every time it's hosted. My characters usually range from young to old, I've even given some disabilities for the more laid back games, adding a 3rd dimension of character in my opinion, but thats about it about me. Have fun.
hamlet Aug '16
Hello, I am so happy I found this and every one has been vary nice so far!
I love playing DnD have been off and on since 1996. Hope to find a good group to get some much needed gaming in with.
tailoz555 Sep '16
Josh Wildings
I hail from the great state of Connecticut
This is kinda it for me
I did rp online for a while but that was all
euthalen Oct '16
Hello! Name's Marc. Im from Texas. I have never played any tabletop RPGs or Rping in general. Im fairly new so please give advice and criticism where needed!
vasya Oct '16
Hello folks,

I'm Maarten from the Netherlands a short bit north of Amsterdam. Tabletop RPG's unfortunately never were popular in my area but I quite like the concept. I'm quite looking forward to meeting a bunch of you and play a couple good games.

Cya around!
lanesully15 Mar '17
Hey everyone,

I'm Sully, from Indiana. I love my state and I love my life. I'm a Star Wars fanatic, and you'll figure out just how crazy I am about that stuff when you talk to me. I don't really have any tabletop experience, besides here and playing a little bit of Star Wars: Edge of the Empire on Roll20. I'm excited to meet more people on here, as I've had a blast so far. This is an ingenious site that I truly love.

mylittlepony Apr '17
You may know me as mylittlepony here, LordSnivy on Discord, TheEmblemPony on Twitch and Hitbox, or MyLittleTails on most other places. I've been here almost 2 years now, and I'm glad to say I've matured since then.

I was born in Illinois but moved to Houston when I was 6, and I've been here ever since.

I'll play almost any game that I can figure out how to play in a reasonable amount of time, but I prefer to host quite numbers-heavy games (sorry frost).

I'll play with just about anyone, of any experience level. If you're being an ass, though, I'll not hesitate to tell you to soak your head in bleach and stick it where the sun don't shine.
reader5625 Apr '17
Hello here, my name is reader5625, or readerdreamer5625 to most websites. I'm from Philippines, and am new to RPs. I'm mostly interested in Superhero stories and Fantasy-themed plots.

My usual fare for characters are honest, blunt, and playful. I could play other roles, but I generally pick those. Hope you guys don't mind.

I'm a writer, so once I get some more experience? I might play GM. I've got some plotlines here already, just need to get a better grasp on how things work around here...
jcbeepboop Apr '17
Julian Bartlett
Kansas, USA

D&D 5e, Pathfinder, Magic.. Im a big RP fan and enjoy all types! This has been the best alternative ive found for live tabletop.
drenian May '17
Greetings im Drenian, and I hail you from Venice, Italy.
I was (and still am) WH40k fan. Even used to play it in 5th edition (when the prices were actually manageable). That's how I tried Rogue trader and was introduced to RPs. Around here, tabletop games have no popularity or whatsoever and as such I started playing more "seriously" about an year ago with WOD (Werewolf and Mage in particular). My aim is to learn world and character creation along with (maybe) getting inspiration for future stories and/or books.
Im more into sci-fi and medifan settings, with the occasional modern crime. While hosting (if hosting), expect from me either cynical and grey dystopias or satirical grim dark fantasy. No experience needed, anyone is welcome and bring yourselves a pillow for long story, and medikit just in case.
Cheers and have fun.
payasman Jun '17
-- Payasman --
- Spain, Valencia.

- none, just a simple game made by Ronn a few hours ago.

- Exciting games which welcomes everyone, even newbies like me.

-Also, English is not my first languaje soo... i may do some spelling mistakes.
monsterato Aug '17
I'm Monsterato, or Mildew. I don't care what you call me.
I'm Canadian/Chinese. 你好。
I enjoy roleplays with at least a decent amount of plot and a captivating story. I also love writing monster characters, antagonistic or not.
I've been roleplaying for years now, mostly on PBP sites , with only a bit of tabletop RP thrown-in every now and again. Excuse me if I'm a bit clumsy with this.
I'm not actually as boring/bored as I sound, I just haven't slept in two days.

And that's all that you need to know about me! :)

OH WAIT-- If I ever see any RPGs based around LoZ or Samurai Jack you can bet that I will be joining it.
stranger Sep '17
Greetings from South Carolina, USA.

I've been playing tabletop for a very long time, so a little bit of everything. I've played some pathfinders as well as some D&D, but I usually play other systems. I played very large amounts of Little Fears as a kid, then moved on to Call of Cthulhu.

I love playing horror and low fantasy. I want to have fun when I'm playing, so super competitive or complicated games aren't so much for me.
brixius Oct '17
I'm from North Carolina, and I haven't played any tabletop RPGs, mostly computer RPGs, but have been interested in them. I've read stories and watched videos about Dungeons & Dragons.

I actually found fabletop from a post on funnyjunk, and it looked really easy to get into. So far I've done a test game by myself to play with miniatures and battlemats, and I've dragged a friend into a (very short) game to try Rping and being a GM.

I'm familiar with medieval fantasy, though I wouldn't mind trying cyberpunk or horror themes. I haven't RPd much at all, and I'm not good at it, though I try. I hope my inexperience won't be a burden to anyone...
swordsx Jan '18
Well, Im Swordsx, just call me swords or x. Im pure-blood Texan, I hate Disney, and I also like tacos.
sebastion Jan '18
Names Sebastion, Medieval Adventure is my game. Fairly new to fabletop but extremely proud to be a beta tester of this awesome site. Sharing this place with all my friends. pm me if you have suggestions or would like to schedule a game on my or your table.
01chrism Mar '18
-- Chris M --
I am from the Shire.

I have play a variety of video games but as far as Tabletop styles I have played D&D, Pathfinder, Rifts, Marvel Super Heroes (MSHRPG), to name some.

I am open to any type of game on FT really but I am a fan of the KISS mindset . I want to have fun not complex setup that takes too long for me to do. I am new to FT as a player and I will hopefully GM my own table when I am good and ready.

Thank you and Play on!
fenrirwolf May '18
Top of the mornin' to ya laddie, names Fenrir.
i'm your average guy who's only recently taken up tabletop rpg's, but I am to have fun and learn.
I have a somewhat cautious playstyle but will take risks if needed, and tries to help my team in any way.
i'll play anything and enjoy whatever we play, as long as we have fun.
i'm mainly a player and don't understand how to GM my own table though

hope we can game sometime!
caviar May '18
Wait hold on; I didn't even introduce myself here.
Erm, I'm caviar/marplejones, whatever you want to call me. I've been here before; left my old account behind because of own personal reasons, and I'm a pretty "lavish guy", if you get my vibe.

I live in Germany (+1:00GMT), which makes it pretty hard to play as of the awkward timezone, but I throw out tables here and there when it's morning and evening for me.

You might know me from my previous tables like "Daedelus", "Azure"... I've done a bunch which were taken positively here and there, and I'm still hoping to better myself in the arts of the GEH-MeH.

That's about it.

doggoboii Jun '18  /  edited Jun '18
germany, frankfurt
mainly pc games no roleplaying or tabletop
i would like to join what ever
nyzrfyrn Jun '18
My name's Nyzrfyrn and I'm here to say
I got some sick beats coming your way
I GM all the time, usually Contracts,
a little take on modfan crime.
I'm pretty new to tabletop but don't
be fooled, I ain't no slop. I come from the
land of Crumpets and all that, what I usually
play are random stuff that I find and forget about
at the drop of a hat, I'm not a fan of medfan or
sci-fi, but anything else, I'll have a try.

(EDIT: Why did I do this?)
mizuakira Aug '18
- Where you're from :
East Java, Indonesia (GMT +7)

- What games you have played :
JRPG, RTS, well almost all genre except TRPG..

- The kind of games you want to run/join
Well.. I have some idea I want to run a game, but I wonder I can.. Haha..
About joining, well, I accept every type of games as long as not complicated too much.. I'm not talking much, but I love take the action..
wormshoe Aug '18
Good morning! I'm from London. Call me Wormshoe or Worm. Or Shoe. Or even Ormsh if you feel like it, anything you like really.

I've played a little bit of DnD before but always found the rules, especially the fight mechanics, to get in the way of the fun. Excited to play more fabletop for that very reason. Other than that I've played all manner of computer and board games, and love anything with a slightly chaotic sense of humour.

I'd really like to join a lovecraftian horror themed table (or have a go at Gming one once I've got a bit more time to do it properly)
lokiodinson Aug '18
I'm from the USA, I used to play d&d and pathfinder over the internet a lot, along with hundreds of rpgs and fps (played every final fantasy game up to XII)
I always felt that leaving a little wiggle room for imagination let's people have more fun, And because of that I plan to host games that encourage being reasonable and imaginative at the same time
spoiderman Aug '18
Hey all. I'm your friendly neighborhood Spoider-man. I got into fabletop last year, and it's been super fun. I'm also an author, and all the planned games that I have are based off of stories that I've written. Feel free to look at my profile, and vote for the game you'd like to play next.

(PS Spidermod, if you're reading this, you don't need to stab me. I'm friendly)
alkwyzheir Sep '18
--Idly checks forums on FT--
Ta, tata, ta ta~
--sees this forum--
Wwwwhat? An introduction forum that I HAVEN'T done?!

And that leads to what you're seeing right now.

Hello! You read my name as Alkwyzheir; Many people often couldn't get my name right, I'm completely fine with that. You can call me Alk if you'd like, some would even call me by "heir", which doesn't make any sense, but okay.

I live in Indonesia, a country that is well famous for things I wouldn't know. I have a terrible memory, that remembering names would be difficult for me to do. That is also why I have the habits of over-complicating things, over-complicating actions and names, and stuff. If you see me on tables, you are warned: My naming convention is very nitwicky. (For instance: Ichitachikacheta Hachachiel. For some reason I can remember that on the top of my head).

Never played DnD before. I've watched several podcasts of it, tempting me to try a kind of roleplay. Roleplaying DnD had never happened to me so far, as the only Roleplays I do along the years are Twitter RP (--rainbow vomit--). A long time ago, looking up for "Text-based Roleplay", I found this site. It has been worth the price to hang out here with y'all.

I would ALWAYS go for medieval RP, unless the table is promisingly constructed. I have the habits of being a feathery: Half of my characters are bird-like person, if the table permits me to do so. In the beginning, it was my friend that kept tempting me to make Avian characters, but it sticked to me. I like playing as birbs ^.^

Hey, that's a way to introduce thine self, right? Did I do good? Did I do good? Waaaaah!
pear Sep '18  /  edited Mar '21
Well, I'm a Pear!

Anyways. Have a nice day!
h0rseradish Oct '18  /  edited Oct '18
Hey, y'all! The name's Pawel, and I'm a Polish guy living in London who is nearing his mid-twenties.

I have been playing D&D 5e since this January and am enjoying the ride lots. Not to mention all the wonderful people I had met while at it. I am expecting my experience with FT to be about the same. So far, I am really enjoying it, having played a couple amazing sessions.

Perhaps I might find myself confident enough to start my own session, even. As a matter of fact, I am currently in process of figuring things out and overall brainstorming.

As for my preferred settings, MedFan all the way. SciFi overwhelms me, reality scares me.

Apart from FT I have a few other interests, too. I like gaming in general, and am often finding myself trying new, interesting titles. I also get a kick of mixing stuff together in kitchen and seeing what comes out of it. Recently I've been finding joy in exercising, too.

That's about it, I figure. Nice meeting you all!
greyline Oct '18
elderprince Jan '19
-- Elderprince--
- Actual location unknown (currently in the ice lands)

- D&D 5e

- Fun games with deep rich lore, and cooperative gameplay between gm and player
rutniuf Jul '19

-Many games (mostly small titles) but actually never plays any sort of
DnD-type of game until this one

-Fun, welcoming to any players... I think that's all.

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