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I'm a casual gamer who's experienced as a player in AD&D, Star Wars D20 and D20 Modern. I've GM'd for Paranoia XP and Abney Park's Airship Pirates.

I'm very much a roleplayer in that I enjoy playing a character and coming up with inventive solutions to problems. Whilst others are trying to remember what they read in the Monster Manual, I'm swinging my sword to see what happens.

I'm not opposed to power gamers and will happily play along side them, but I will tease them. Hell, given my penchant for rogue characters I'll probably pull in character pranks.

If I'm Gming, expect the same traits to shine through with NPCs that will be a step above cardboard cut-outs, fluid adventures that develop as the characters choose and rules being bent to allow plans so crazy they just might work.

I'm currently available weekdays from 12 noon GMT.
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