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Experimenting with the fabletop. It looked interesting... hadn't been gaming for a long time now.
(See introduction post on forums for experience and info. )

Looking to run Fantasy 6, a Fable-top based system, with my own addiotions, and user created content. High Magic fantasy setting, with some technology ( sci-fi type ) of elements.
( More or less, the World is a Planet, where the Ancients crash landed. The Ancients had advanced Technology, but over time magic replaced technology. Magic became the way of life, and even created other races from the Ancient clans.
Some slivers of technology still survive the times... lost in ruins, tombs... places most do not dare to go.
A new Civilization has risen up currently. No one is exactly sure where these invaders came from, as they are people... but they seem only to wish to conquer and make war. This Civilization, boast both powerful magics, and technological weapons.

Thus leading many to seek out lost Artifacts of technology, to help turn the tide of war. )
Orion the Mystic Knight 0 xp GM:  chase812
Tantus the Freeland Soldier 0 xp GM:  dragon
Reddic the Dungeoneering Rogue 0 xp GM:  cosmus
Cork the Druidic Ranger 0 xp GM:  undeamed
Ikari the Warriormonk 0 xp GM:  cosmus
Brock the Fighter Ex Guard 0 xp GM:  drmonster
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