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PXP / Rank 8260  ·  Hero ?
Location Jumping Penguins
Special Ability Being Fairly Useless
Player Experience Points (PXP)

You automatically gain PXP by playing in Fabletop sessions.

You earn more by being the GM, and playing in larger groups.

It is updated up to an hour after each session.

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100 Wanderer
1000 Adventurer
5000 Hero
10000 Avatar
20000 Legend
30000 Immortal
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Joined 01.07.2018
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XP Given 2987
Dead memes and stolen dreams

I guess if i want to do the community stuff, ill need to extend this a bit more.

considering making a game for the first time in like 3 years.
Solomon the Living Nuke 66 xp GM:  dnasty321
Quill the Ice Paladin 42 xp GM:  marmar02
Strogonoff the Big Boi 40 xp GM:  lynxx
Aria the Drug Specialist 30 xp GM:  jungle
Crims the Archer 30 xp GM:  mylittlepony
Mini the Failure of a Mage 24 xp GM:  jungle
CaKa the Aeromancer 14 xp GM:  andreil
Contact the Crusader 14 xp GM:  fremkun
Clania the White Mage 13 xp GM:  somerandom
Kaya the Supportive Mage 12 xp GM:  marmar02
Quill the Bigswordboy 12 xp GM:  meephappy
Molpe the Solace 10 xp GM:  chemgas650
Teles the Siren 9 xp GM:  whoptop
Teles the Siren 9 xp GM:  lolman211
Willow the Nightmare Tree 8 xp GM:  jungle
Bezo the Fencer 7 xp GM:  rxlr
Ann the Civillian 6 xp GM:  ryussa
Quill the Stickman 6 xp GM:  fremkun
Carliah the Worthless Paladin 3 xp GM:  lunarglare
Ana the Arctic Paladin 3 xp GM:  otisjustotis
Ariaa the Sneak 3 xp GM:  chemgas650
Urbain the Blight 3 xp GM:  hypopyon
Viva the Pseudo Phoenix 2 xp GM:  ghostsystem
Kazz the Silent Hand 2 xp GM:  bluephoenix
Sophocles the Woeful Songstress 2 xp GM:  bluephoenix
Ariaa the Support Mage Thing 1 xp GM:  weirdguy11
Deneb the Pugilist 0 xp GM:  verysadgirl
Anna the Adorable Amphibian 0 xp GM:  jungle
Catherine the Arctic Guardian 0 xp GM:  yummypancake
Ethan the Puppeteer 0 xp GM:  lokiodinson
Mungrah the Potato Farmer 0 xp GM:  awalnut
Ann the Civillian 0 xp GM:  simonater
Fali the Ditzy Mage 0 xp GM:  thehunter123
Anittec the Gymnast 0 xp GM:  caviar
Ssaa the Ssss 0 xp GM:  thehunter123
Carliah the Medical Specialist 0 xp GM:  minty
Reic the Dude 0 xp GM:  chemgas650
Lin the Taste the Soup 0 xp GM:  chemgas650
Ghoan the Big Boy 0 xp GM:  whoptop
Myspot the Now Bitches 0 xp GM:  andreil
Telenara the Siren 0 xp GM:  thegobbler
Teles the Siren 0 xp GM:  cxjulian
Chthon the Siren 0 xp GM:  nosimaj33
Sterope the Siren 0 xp GM:  firedash
Chthon the My Spot Now 0 xp GM:  ladyriona
Chthon the Supreme Badass 0 xp GM:  fortunafish
Raidne the Woeful Songstress 0 xp GM:  chemgas650
Sirenum the Magicz 0 xp GM:  baragon
HibbleSnif the Meat Shield 0 xp GM:  somerandom
Iriad the Crusader 0 xp GM:  baconmaster
Urbain the God of the Arena 0 xp GM:  chemgas650
Crims the Coal Miner 0 xp GM:  johnniidoe
Mungrah the Potato Farmer 0 xp GM:  johnniidoe
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Completed Profile
Wanderer - 100 pxp
Adventurer - 1,000 pxp
Hero - 5,000 pxp
Following 10 GMs
Played with 5 GMs
Played with 10 GMs