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Ok, scratch what this said before, I hate stealth characters. Unless I can find a certain thing about them that makes it interesting to me. Tanks are okay, it depends on who else is in the party; if it's just a bunch of martial beefcakes, then I'll probably be a stealth or a mage character.
I've had a good amount of rp experience, since (mostly) every weekend I get with friends and play D&D for like, 10 hours. (#Nolyfe4eva) And I'm not exactly 'new' to Fabletop, but I'm not.. old. No, experienced. No, wait, yes. But no. Nevermind..
I'll play modern, future, fantasy, etc. All of those are fun to me. I'm pretty much available every day between 4 and 11 pm (CST).

Little description of me in FT terms:
Race - Human
Age - 19
Gender - Male
Hair - Black
Eyes - Brown
Height - 6'0"
Weight - 150 lbs.
Kyvoros the Phantom 55 xp GM:  kvothe712
Tina the Decker 28 xp GM:  daretobe
Mordecai the Highwayman Pistoleer 17 xp GM:  kvothe712
Wolfgang the Mediziner 13 xp GM:  daretobe
Myron the Sorcerer 13 xp GM:  kvothe712
Rhyse the Cosmic 12 xp GM:  cthdragon
Aela the Earth Sentinel 5 xp GM:  pyrak
Azerus the Sorcerer 4 xp GM:  daretobe
Ryant the Space Marine 4 xp GM:  triclopyr
Ryant the Space Marine 4 xp GM:  endersquire
Arkadius the Barbarian 4 xp GM:  cthdragon
Solana the Ranger 3 xp GM:  woolyfsh2
Zydium the God of Science 1 xp GM:  dyinomice
Dipstick the Character 0 xp GM:  lunarblade
Roger the Old Cop 0 xp GM:  kvothe712
Larenth the Turned Sith 0 xp GM:  drake
Cerus the Thaumaturge 0 xp GM:  dyinomice
Cooper the Scientist 0 xp GM:  febidoman
Adrian the Builder 0 xp GM:  febidoman
Athen the Cerebral Warden 0 xp GM:  averious
Calder the Spartan 4 0 xp GM:  cthdragon
Kyros the Novice Storm Mage 0 xp GM:  endersquire
Jenn the Elementalist 0 xp GM:  woolyfsh2
Finch the Ninja 0 xp GM:  cthdragon
Mark the Chieftain of Heroes 0 xp GM:  kvothe712
Ethan the Viper 0 xp GM:  lunarblade
Bryce the Casual Sleuth 0 xp GM:  lunarblade
Barry the Invulnerable Douche 0 xp GM:  daretobe
Slade the Marksman 0 xp GM:  cthdragon
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