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Special Ability Substance Abuse
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Hello you memes.
I am Lobbel, a cheat, a liar, a piece of crap and a Drugdealer.
I sell some mean Spaghetti knowhatimsain

But aside from all those me-me's, I'm an average Player here.
I host my own little table from time to time whenever I feel like it. etc.
I usually end up playing Rogue'ish Characters, or manipulators. More often than not my characters would be Chaotic Neutral, because I'm an absolute edgelord.
I have decent amounts of experience with these types of RPG's, having played them growing up, like the absolute nerd I am.
While I am not as extensively eloquent as many others on here I do take a bit of pride in what I type. Even though most of it is %#@&.

Also, I will blam blam you with memes.
Niklas the Fucking Emperor 40 xp GM:  bustamark
Alfgeir the Blade of Valour 28 xp GM:  lobbelbob
Steven the Beefcake 18 xp GM:  jungle
Aldrius the Suicidemancer 8 xp GM:  dudesmaximus
Vah'doro the Nihilist 8 xp GM:  elderprince
Uun the God of Violence 2 xp GM:  pyrak
Paul the Worm God 0 xp GM:  jungle
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