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Special Ability Perseverance
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I have an easygoing playstyle. Rules are good for maintaining consistancy and fairness but should not get in the way of a good story. Success shouldn't be guaranteed but should be a realistic option. I like low magic where it feels that much more magical for it's rarity.

I'm available most evenings on weekdays for a few hours and sometimes on sunday. Looking forward to getting to know your fledgling community and hoping to see it grow into something great.
Gerard the Trapper 15 xp GM:  jags97
Nemaniah the Face 13 xp GM:  berk
Roland the Chaplain 4 xp GM:  jaybird92
Colton the Er Triage Nurse 0 xp GM:  duskwolf
Crom the Gladiator 0 xp GM:  duskwolf
Skiver the Thug 0 xp GM:  berk
Wilhelm the Scout 0 xp GM:  bombsaway
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