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Special Ability Breaking Limits
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** I do not host games, do not make characters on my table, thank you. **

In Athens all the youths are crying from the gas.
Iím by the hotel pool working on a tan.
People come up and ask me who I am.
I say if you donít know, donít ask.

Zeus laughs Ė but itís the gas.
And he asks me how I am.
I say Zeus, donít ask.

My lightning bolts are jolts of joy,
They are joy boys from Zeus.
I feed them porridge in their booster seats of knowledge.
And in the cradle of democracy, the pigeons are wearing gas masks.

My lightning bolts play in the elevators,
They slide down the hotel banister,
And Zeus throws a gas canister,
And it spins around the pool,
As pigeons wearing respirators steal the lightning bolts.
Verago the Augur of Vengeance 100 xp GM:  avery
Kristoph the Dragon of Dojima 50 xp GM:  avery
Volga the Mercenary 0 xp GM:  tenaciouslee
Warren the Apprentice 0 xp GM:  avery
Valentine the Marshal 0 xp GM:  avery
Dean the Sergeant Dingo 0 xp GM:  avery
Oricalchus the Dragonboi 0 xp GM:  avery
Moira the Monstar Layer 0 xp GM:  avery
Ziggy the Priest of Zyn-shurah 0 xp GM:  avery
Kagaku the Scienceman 0 xp GM:  avery
Osbourne the Half-vampire 0 xp GM:  avery
Sal'Tael the Oni 0 xp GM:  tenaciouslee
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Wanderer - 100 pxp
Adventurer - 1,000 pxp
Hero - 5,000 pxp
Avatar - 10,000 pxp
Legend - 20,000 pxp
Immortal - 30,000 pxp
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