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Well honestly I'm a passive role-player. I do some here and there. Mostly pen and paper and a good old fashioned larp. Most of my time is spent playing more historic board games but that doesn't mean I dont love this sort of stuff. Yeah honestly I don't know what to put here expect be excellent to each other and party on. I should be able to get on most of the time cause its summer!
Ismail the Hornswoggler 90 xp GM:  monkeydluffy
Judas the Betrayer 51 xp GM:  kingjace27
Cornelius the Intern Librarian 23 xp GM:  monkeydluffy
Leroy the Tinker 6 xp GM:  kerrballs42
Concord the Lopsided 4 xp GM:  vechmaster
Virgil the Scrollkeeper 3 xp GM:  shooterman6y
Atticus the Roaming Bard 3 xp GM:  kerrballs42
Hemlock the Inverted 0 xp GM:  onearmghoul
Carthag the King of the Weavers 0 xp GM:  monkeydluffy
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Adventurer - 1,000 pxp
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