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Minor Bug involving Umlauts

oman1666 Jul '22
I've noticed a minor but interesting bug involving Umlauts.

I am able to name a miniature something with 'ä' in it's name. As I found out in a recent superhero game with a villain-of-the-week I'd dubbed 'Prof. Omvänd' but two strange things then happened with this name.
1) The character's name when speaking 'as' Omvänd appeared in the chat with the 'ä' omitted 'Omvnd'
2) Upon reloading my table today, a few days later, the character's name on the miniatures bar now shows as 'Prof. Omvänd'

I know that there are a lot of non standard characters that aren't allowed in Fabletop. But for international players or for games set in something resembling the real world I think it might be useful to have letters with accents available?

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