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Custom stats

andreatupac Apr '21
Hi guys!
I wondered: is there a coding reason why we can't customise the base stats?
Are you planning to make it possible on of these days? My fellow players would love it!
alkwyzheir Apr '21
Well, I don't think it's because of the coding, and if it is, these system has been like this for over 1-4 years, I'm pretty sure.

The limitation of base stats are maxed so you can't go over 4 because this follows the balance of Fabletop's core rules. But if you're talking about customizing base stats so you can add new things like Strenght, Intelligence, Agility, Constitution and all that DnD stuff? People tend to argue it would ruin the point of Fabletop. It's meant to simplify base DnD games.

Take it from a baka like me, but this is what I assume is going on.
first Apr '21
The reason custom basic stats are unlikely falls under two main reasons.

- Fabletop is meant to be simple, almost "basic" in a good way. Frost left that information all over the How To Play and some forum posts. How he experimented with multiple systems and how he likes the simplicity Fabletop has.

- There are already custom stats. Sure maybe you don't notice them or maybe you have not experienced and used Fabletop enough to be aware of their existence, but they are here. You can create them using Bonus Traits, you can totally ignore the in-built Traits and go for a traditional "write on your notes which stats you have" then use /roll to perform the respective rolls.

In sum, would they be a nice addition? Yes, in the "quality of life" department. Are they necessary? No, simply for the fact that they're already here.
andreatupac Apr '21
Thanks for the replies, pals!

I totally agree three stats are excellent to play Fabletop.
Truth be told, I just wanted to rename them for a matter of "flavour", and have "Prowess", "Wyrd" and "Yare".

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