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Campaign Idea

doomweaver13 Nov '20
Hi! Got an idea for a table campaign I am interested of hosting. I want to tell you about it because I want to get suggestions and feedback.

Set in a modern setting where superhumans have started to emerge. The campaign will start inside a test facility. Players begin with no memories of how and why they got there and not much about themselves either (save for the barest of personal information).

The goal is to survive the tests you are put through, perhaps gain the memories you lost, and find a way to escape the facility.

I intend this to be an introductory chapter to the Superhero campaign i wish to host regularly.


P.s. I only hosted once and that was a long time ago. Any constructive input you can share is welcome.
eternallist Nov '20
Sounds good, its something I for one would definitely join.
awakening Nov '20
I like the idea and the overall concept. However, I would, if it was up to me to host it, add certain "trials/missions" that take place outside of the facility and into the world itself, that way you could also introduce a more vivid world lore and have the players see the world dynamics first hand.
oman1666 Nov '20
I would add to this, and say that I'm personally against the 'you have no memories' idea, I think myself and some other players find it hard to RP if you haven't established a backstory for the character

Superhero games work well on Fabletop though, I've recently hosted a superhero game myself and can direct you to the chat logs for that if you wanted to see my methods for running a game in that genre?
alkwyzheir Nov '20
This kind of plot is a bit too common in Fabletop, the one where it's basically "Escape Room". I've seen a couple of those where the party's goal is just to "discover themselves" and escape. A session would be more engaging if characters can influencce the world whether they intend on doing it or not. However, don't let this statement demotivate you, as great tables come from great storytelling, not what type of table it is.

If you want to do Superhero games, there's two kinds of Superhero style you can do for a table. I hereby dubbed those: Avengers gig and Solo Leveling gig. If you want to do the Avengers gig, it's a player vs evil that will destroy the world, while Solo Leveling gig is more towards player's own self desire that makes their goal. It doesn't even have to be simple like escape, beat an evil, yadda yadda.
doomweaver13 Nov '20
Thnx for the input guys. Revising some ideas i had.
doomweaver13 Nov '20
@oman Yes please I would like that very much. Reading how you run your story would help a lot :)

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