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Miniatures Requests

frost Jan '14
Please make all requests for new miniature designs in this thread. Also try to include the setting or reason you want to use them.

Please note that uploadable designs are not being considered at this time.

caul Jan '14
From some chats in the Glade it looks like some people would appreciate western oriented figures for a Boot Hill or Deadlands type setting. I would definitely enjoy it if you could expand the Cyber City figures. Other than that I tend to be able to work with the current set quite well for most settings.
moshpitmonk Jan '14
I'd love to see some more sci-fi orientated minis as there are only starship characters and are very few in number.
oman1666 Jan '14
Somethings I can think of off the top of my head;
-Some form of humanoid with wings (for angels, Valkyries etc, just a cool thing to have)
-A few more animals; perhaps a lion and a generic big-cat mini that could be recoloured to be leopard or a tiger or whatever the player wants.
-Large minis for siege weapons; Catapults, Cannons etc to make some pretty cool castle scenes
-A crowned king mini
-more variants of modern dress
-More female specific miniatures (whilst I believe all are more or less gender neutral, most of them appear somewhat muscular and bald, rather masculine)
-A large mini for an Ent (or Treent)
-Horses and unicorns
-Small and large demon enemies
-Ghosts, phantoms, shades, specters, all sorts of undead ghoulies... oh and ghouls!

Thanks for any that are considered, sorry for my likely rambling idiocy
caul Jan '14
I also just thought of some more, surprising that I didn't before, but I am a huge Lovecraft fan, and while I can make most of the monsters work, I would love to have some more 1920's character minis.

For modern games and Cyber City, some modern Elves an Dwarves instead of just Orks.

And, just in case you ever get around to it, I would love a Post Apoc (Fallout-like) Genre with matching figs.
ferhargo Jan '14
All I really want at the moment is a large spider mini, for the medieval high fantasy stuff.
oman1666 Jan '14
Another thought... The set of minis under 'PC Races' is somewhat incomplete.
For example, the player can be a halfling, human, dwarf or gnome with a staff, but there's no mini for dwarves with staffs.

Similarly there isn't a mini for gnomes and halflings with sheilds, axes crossbows etc

I know that these choice are for the standard weapons associated with these races, but if the player can choose Mage and Dwarf as their character, they should have a mini for this; I.E. Dwarves with Staves
rossvarn Jan '14
Horses. In profile could work, or otherwise- I'd just like them to be represented.
coolcat702 Jan '14
I think having a boar mini couldn't hurt.
aaro Feb '14
Darn, I haven't been back for a while, and totally missed this thread... and made an uploadable design. Hmph. Oh well.

Well, the design I made was a 'burning fire' battlemat tile. I'd like to use it (extensively) in an adventure into a smoldering coal seam, a la Centralia, Pennsylvania.

Beyond that, it would be useful in virtually every setting. I've played more than a few games in which a tavern or two burns to the ground. :)
frost Feb '14
Funny you mention that, since I did have a tile overlay for fire at one point in an early version (like the "stair" crosshatch. Maybe I will bring it back in the next update.
aaro Feb '14
Brilliant! I look forward to it.
hitoshura Feb '14
I'd be for expanding the Super Hero genre a bit with some Tokusatsu style heroes. Something Sentai/Kamen Rider/Space Sheriff-esque.
lorelia Feb '14
I for one have a small list here only because whenever I want to use my imagination I am sadly cut short haha so here we go:

More female figures: One main reason is because I just get tired of using the same ones over and over for my characters. Two it seems that even if I did try to use another minitaure it seemed to male like.

More Animal Figures: Could be good to have some horses and such to pretend like you are in an area surrounded by farm land maybe cows and sheep even some big nasty old boars and such could be pets to orcs and such.

Thats about it for me haha will more then likely think of more later
duskwolf Feb '14
I would like to see more horror minis werewolf, vampire, maybe a Cthulhu.
supersam317 Feb '14
i want more animals/creatures in general
wwtall1 Mar '14
make a smaller mini size, for the bottles and so? and make big, medium, and small minis interchangeable?

just want your thoughts on this moreso.
blockrock Mar '14
I agree with Oman's requesting of more female specific miniatures. Horses/Unicorns are also nice. I guess in general more beasts.
rochelle Apr '14
I would actually like some decorating miniatures, like a chair or table, to distinguish it from the wall and to give the scene more flair. I also agree with oman and block on more female specific miniatures.
sodadarwin Apr '14
I'd love to see bug people and large miniatures for insects
sellsword Apr '14  /  edited Apr '14
It's getting a little tired for me to keep using the Glogmar mini for my monsters in Beyond Man so I'd ask that you create more minis for things of that nature. Lovecraftian Horrors that is. Thanks!
palegeon May '14
Odd as it may sound, what about an importing function where one could import a custom minis into a blank template? Say add large and small templates for this purpose?
vami May '14
What about a Horse and Rider mini? Like, say, a Hussar?
supersam317 May '14
Sea creatures
We actually don't have minis like fish or sharks, etc.
vami May '14
Well, there's tentacles.
andreatupac Jun '14
How about adding some scenic objects in the form of battle-mat tiles?

I mean, just a few: battle-mat tiles for columns/pillars, statues, chests and a little forniture.
andreatupac Jun '14
Sorry! I forgot: Trees and Tombstones!
grimcheese Jul '14
I am running a modern zombie apocalypse campaign and could really use some vehicle miniatures. For example, Car, Truck, Bus. I realize these would all be big but it would help tremendously.
nightcraw240 Jul '14
I think some more objects would add to the feel of the campaigns. Such as carts, stalls, boxes, barrels, boats, fountains, trees, tables, etc. I'm thinking a more medieval theme but I believe adding such miniatures could help players have a better grasp of the visual aspect as well as offering new branches for the story. An example could be placing boxes as a visual aspect inside a city causing a party member to become curious and look through the boxes, right there is potential for a new story line.

I also think miniatures such as ghouls, vampires, elementals, angels, demons, and naga might be some interesting miniatures to aid in creating new stories.
ferhargo Jul '14
In terms of "object" minis, I feel as though that can be accomplished with battlemat tiles, such as raised wood, in conjunction with GM narration and a marker simply labeled "suspicious crate" and so forth.
sodadarwin Jul '14
What about Extra Large minis? For things that simply cannot be shown with a simple dragon, like the Tarrasque?
endersquire Aug '14
a updated Halfling mini so we can clearly tell them from gnomes? unless I am missing something.
oman1666 Aug '14
Ender: The gnomes have beards (little black pointy thing under the head) and little black coloured in feet to show them wearing shoes. Halflings have no beards and skin-toned feet as they typically do not wear shoes - it's a subtle difference but it's there.
wavejones Sep '14  /  edited Sep '14
I'd like to see an option to add own custom miniatures to your table.
daretobe Oct '14
I keep running into the problem, with city creatures. Domesticated animals, like pigs and cows, would be fantastic. As of now, the only large game animal, is a bear. (and to some point, the wolf as well.) It seemed odd, to see so many small creatures, like rats, and multiple birds without having larger animals. I would love to see a Deer/Elk of some sort, and simple farm animals. I know that not everyone will use them all the time, but it will liven up cities and farms. Thanks.
austintm Nov '14
I would like to see more animals and bigger birds, and maybe different styles of every mini please. It seems hard to fit in a phoinex into a game when all the birds are smaller than the player. And also, different variations of robots and dragons could help more... Thank you and I hope you accept my suggestion
k4rm4 Mar '15
Post Apocolyptic minis, like metro 2033 style or somefin

would be great!
dyinomice Mar '15
More sort of steampunkish characters? Like western characters or steam age Characters, the closet things are the pirate mini's, but I wish for more.
coolcat702 Apr '15
Here's my suggestion for a mini: A large ape/monkey, and here's why I think it should be a mini: 1. People can use it in many different campaign settings, including Kaiju, Anime, Fantasy, Sci-Fi... A giant monkey/ape mini would widen the horizons of storytelling with minis greatly!
2. We need more big/giant minis, plain and simple, sure we have a nice, varied selection, but it'd be helpful to have 1 or 2 more.
3. I'm pretty sure a giant monkey/ape couldn't be that hard to make, it's an easy design, just have to make its identity of monkey or ape mysterious, and it's good.
wwtall1 May '15
New request! pegasi. Just winged version of horses if/when they are added. Also, unicorn/pegasus hybrid maybe? gryphons? stuff like that. I think they may be good additions.
ameythaler May '15
I have a number of requests, mostly just things to consider:

1) Female versions of the scifi sprites, Starships with only men get mighty lonely mighty quick
2) More tile diversity/a tile request page. I love what is available now, and people have been able to get really creative with the current tilesets and make awesome stuff. But I wonder how much more awesome stuff we could make with just a bit more
3) Open source miniature sprite templates. Let the awesome community do the work for you! Give us a few basic human outlines and we will gladly to the sprite work for stuff we want to see for you. Then all you have to do is put it in if you like it.
febidoman May '15
I have one request. Make an angel mini.
febidoman May '15
I did most of your work for you, but meh... It'd be cool
nephilim May '15
I'd like to see some "point of interest" icons to represent "things that you don't know what they are" like sources of sound, or ripples of a monster moving underwater. I'm thinking perhaps circled one's, two's, three's, etc., and maybe a few other icons like question marks, alert icons, etc.

These would also be useful for explaining certain special features of the terrain. For instance, you could put a (1) and a (2) down in two alcoves, and say, "(1) is a statue of a knight holding a sword over his head. (2) is a statue of a maiden holding a cornucopia in her arms." Or whatever.

I'd also like to see some props as miniatures. The above idea would cover them, but they wouldn't be very flavorful. Props could be things that would normally have hit points and could be struck - things such as doors, piles of rubble, barricades, altars, etc. I think it would be useful to have location markers for some items in rooms, and be able to differentiate them from room scenery. For instance, I had reason to have a barricade in an adventure I ran today which would be attacked, removed, and rebuilt by the players, and it would have been nice to not have to edit the map to convey that.
ameythaler May '15
The icons already exists, I believe the category is "General". It contains colored pyramid icons pointing up or down, small spheres, portals, chests, and blank miniature bases.

But I agree that having props or terrain features would be cool, or maybe being able to treat tiles like miniatures.
araqiel May '15
Request: I believe angels, or winged humans should be added.

Reason: I often role play as an Avariel(A winged elf) and I have seen others role play as Avariels as well, so I would like an angel or Avariel mini to be added.
klffighter May '15
what about a mini with a robe with the hood on and sword/staff ?
rename May '15
Characters with poses, sleeping, siting in lotus pose. animals like deer horses dogs
ommageden May '15
For fantasy players, I think actually armored knights (or just one mini with changeable colors) would be a big improvement as the typical guards mini's we have now just don't have the same armor clad character awe factor that would be expected.
buizelking Jun '15
For Sci-Fi players, I think that creatures similar to the FTL races would be useful, considering the designs can be used for numerous Space-styled Tables. Not just FTL
drake Jun '15
I'd like a four legged dragon mini.
talhajami Jun '15  /  edited Jun '15
I would love a 'Predator' miniature to go along with that 'Xenomorph' one, please. Man, it'll be sweet. Oh, and, some more cyberpunk figures are really needed. Medieval and space fantasy genres have received enough attention, and, I really feel as if cyberpunk deserves the spotlight for the next update. But, as always, no pressure. :)
shooterman6y Sep '15
Please do a car mini far too long have i seen gazebos represent cars, some different types would be great too.
drake Sep '15
Er, apologies for having multiple requests here, but I'd really like to have a more aggressive wolf mini. The one we have now looks like a little dog saying hi XD. Next I'd like to see a plane or space ship or something mini, just because I love sci-fi roleplays. For now I can use tank or somethin I suppose. Thanks for all the mini's you've added due to requests by the way.
humon Sep '15
id really like to see a non-winged dragonlike creature
craftgod12 Sep '15
People with 2 daggers
lowwinter Oct '15  /  edited Oct '15
this may be dumb, but i'd like a mini of an guy wielding a guitar-axe or/and a tarrasque mini...and a skeleton in a tux...for reasons
deathray Nov '15  /  edited Nov '15
2 Minis the game really needs but doesn't have is that of a caravan also a modern car, as it is now most people use gazebos or tanks for it. Another mini i would like to see is a trenchcoat person but more fantasy oriented like say and such and also augmented people would be nice, people with robot arms and things of that nature and finally i would also like to see roman style soldiers.I would also like to see, if possible , a swat officer mini
pacman0129 Nov '15
Can you add more Warhammer minatures? It's for a game I am making... I want Tau and Imperial Guard...
bane007 Nov '15
I would really appreciate different noble minis in the medieval section.
humon Dec '15  /  edited Dec '15
id really like to see a set of female and elven minis along with a knight mini, it would help in a lot of games
talhajami Dec '15
Cyberpunk miniatures, please. And, a Predator one. A shirtless military commando one in the vein of Arnold Schwarzenegger would be cool, too.

Oh, and, a mech miniature inspired by Metal Gear REX.
madmankthree Jan '16
How about a goblin chieftain, i know the shaman can take the part, but i usually use him as a healer, also more pc minis are always apreciated
arminius Jan '16
I know this may seem odd but i would like to see squad minis, minis of 2 or 3 people, maybe have soldiers, police , crowds, zombies, and it would help getting around the mini limit for crowd scnenes without actually getting around the mini limit.

I also noticed there is a considereble lack of modes of transport, like boats, horses, helicopters, cars , caravans etc.
arminius Jan '16  /  edited Jan '16
Also coming off from my previous request i would like to see a mechanic where the GM can allow a player to have more than 1 mini although im not sure if this would count for this forum.
imf44 Feb '16
In the future, I would like to see some vehicle minis (cars or trucks, as I host a lot of modern games), and some more animal ones, i.e. horse, deer, stuff like that. Thank you for taking the time to read this! :D
xiloscent Feb '16
Having different colors for weapons would be nice.
gongrath Feb '16
I would appreciate it if you made more steampunk minis for this, it would help out many tables.
beachburrito Mar '16
I would love to see more options in the misc tile when making maps. They really help me put that much more atmosphere into the scenes I plan for my players.
trisaiah Mar '16
I think more more Giant Minatures, or "Boss-like" minatures should be added. That way we could have more unique bosses in our longer campaigns.
thunderstar Mar '16  /  edited Jun '17
I could probably think of a bunch.. But others have probably said them already. So I'll keep it short.

More females - A female alternative for all the fantasy races would be nice.
Different dragons - A traditional looking dragon, Chinese dragons, maybe a smaller dragon that seems more rideable, and a half dragon would be cool...
More animals - Lions, tigers, gorillas, horses, fox, etc.
Fantasy animals -Phoenix, Griffin, Kirin, Hippogrif, Serberus etc..
lacergunn Apr '16
I'd like to see some zombies and dirty survivors for post-apocalypse RP
hustle Apr '16

There are some existing zombie minis available to GMs, and the "Soldier" or "Civilian" modern minis can be used as survivors. I think you might be good to go with the post-apoc setting.
starkillerrx Apr '16
How about more minis for Modern/Super Powers, like supervillains or Iron-Man-style heroes? Cars would also be nice, not just as decor but to simulate a chase or even as a superheroic throwing weapon. Perhaps with a police variant.
areq Apr '16
I would really like car minis for basically all my rps e.g a crime chase scene and I would also like a mirror mini for I am making the "Envy" boss in my rp dungeon hunters and I don't know what I could use for a mini that looks like a mirror, for that's his general theme.
arminius Apr '16
Well i noticed there aren't any explicitly cyberpunk minis. So i would like to see some augmented people. Some more "punks" and just more dumpy looking urban clothed people. This kind of goes outside of the mini request but i would also like to see somekind of 2 or 3 color system to the minis. That would allow minis to be usable for more situations i think.
wwtall1 Apr '16
Heres one that would be HIGHLY difficult (and won't be done any time soon if at all): Animated Miniatures. That is all.
starkillerrx Apr '16
Many people mentioned horses, and horse-riding minis would be great. Especially to simulate knights and/or jousting. Perhaps even with other riding animals, from mundane camels and donkeys to unicorns, griffins or worgs.
prometheuz Apr '16
maybe more outfits for humans? like a knight and paladin?
doomweaver13 May '16  /  edited May '16
Can we have houses, tents, and wells for miniatures?
isacoolbow May '16
A angelic figures with wings for a gm to add in an angelic army for adventurers to fight or ally with
rodgeidblack May '16
What about full armor knights? Like for example the ones in Dark Souls? yeah those types of knights, the outfitst of those kind of knights are awesome
delta1138 May '16
If we could do demons, such as vampires, succubi, witches, and other hell-born creatures, that would be really awesome for Fantasy RPs. Especially with Male and Female varieties.
noobgod Jun '16
i generally use the human mini for an elf but it would be nice to have one that had pointy ears
beachburrito Jul '16
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE some corners for when using the brown or grey 'wall' tiles ( the little '-' and 'l' shaped ones that lay over tiles when editing the world map)

But for actual miniatures how about some Sea life? Like old style diving suits, fish, mermaids, squids etc?

Also, more geometric shapes like pyramids, large spheres and columns please.
thedrowlover Jul '16
Generally a fan of elves, it doesnt rally matter in the end but i do like having pointy ears.
daretobe Jul '16
Building off of what beachburrito asked, aquatic themed things would be cool, along with eldritch creatures. While it would only need to be one or two minis, having more 'Call of Cthulhu' type horror enemies would be nice. (Deep ones, Mind flayer)
avinash Jul '16  /  edited Jul '16
Oddly enough, there's a shield mini with all the melee weapons except for axes, so Shield & Axe mini would complete the set.

Alternatively, a mini with only a shield would be pretty cool. Not sure how much use it would have, so I wouldn't keep it too high of a priority.
barmybaker Aug '16
I would like to see more variety of 'bad guy' fantasy miniatures, particularly larger beasts, like giants, ogres, even a dragon or two, for the classic fantasy RPG storylines...
cosmofrog Aug '16
I'd love if you added western miniatures, like Cowboys, civil war-ish soldiers, etc.
starkillerrx Aug '16
How about winged humanoids, for angels, Aarakokras, winged superheroes and such?
voidstar Aug '16  /  edited Aug '16
people in hoodies/ more hooded minis for the different settings specifically modern its getting really tiring of using the same 2 hooded minis for every setting. I would more specifically ask for a guy in a black hooded jacket with black jeans thanks and it would add more variety to options for players and background npcs in bars/taverns/parks/ect.
starkillerrx Sep '16
How about some Greek/Roman themed ones? Centurion armors, people in togas etc.?
starkillerrx Sep '16
I have a suggestion not for a mini per se, but for a new system for them. How about two customizable colors instead of one? Like, being able to change shirt AND pants, clothes AND skin, clothes AND hair, suit AND tie etc?
autoson1009 Oct '16
People with sleeveless cloaks could add an interesting element to medieval campaigns.
pyrak Nov '16
- Horses & Vehicles
- More variants for female appearing characters
- Winged character

And finally it would add a whole lot of dynamic if there were two changeable colors for minis allowing much more diversity than changing only one aspect.
wolfmech Dec '16
I think it would be a nice to see sets of minis base around mythological characters, if none are present already.
foxknight89 Dec '16
I would like to see PCs as being able to be creatures myself when people like to play as a non-human.
lanesully15 Jan '17
I'd like to see different-colored laser swords on the sci-fi knights, please. I'm doing a Star Wars table, and it feels wrong seeing characters like Luke Skywalker holding a red lightsaber. May the Force be with you!
aidar Jan '17
I guess having winged characters, like Angels, is a huge request recently. I could certainly use it for my campaign, Imperiata, since it's pretty Angel-heavy. I could certainly do with all kinds of Angels, like Seraphim and such. Though, in coordination with that. It'd certainly be useful to have Demon and Tiefling mini's too, since those are certainly all around in the setting.

I'd be down for Horses or there being Horsemen miniatures, because, in said campaign, the main antagonists are Horsemen, and we've seen many horses and other mounted creatures thus far.
autoson1009 Jan '17
Ax wielding minis would be nice. We already have swords, bows, daggers, and spears, and I feel like axes and maybe hammers need a place.
kiasersnek Feb '17
i feel like it needs some mechanics done... but overall i think its good
umm... some mini's that symbolize smoke or an explosion and more 'building' tiles to make it believable
vasyrat Feb '17
Steampunk minis, maybe? I've only seen two people try hosting a steampunk game, myself being one of them, but I still think it'd be a good idea to include them.
lanesully15 Feb '17  /  edited Mar '17
I guess I might be asking for a lot here, but it would be neat to have a good amount of customization to the miniatures. That would take a lot of the limit off of playing as a character, as it can help players understand what they look like from a basic standpoint. I realize they're small and somewhat hard to see, especially their hair, but it would definitely better both the site and the playing experience. Anything from changing certain clothing to changing the color of the lightsabers, to changing the skin tone would work.
plasmaguy Feb '17
I want tiles that are BLOCKS, and maybe some bottles, paintings, papers, etc.
izick1 Feb '17
I would like to see starships federation, romulan, alien, Klingon, cardassian etc
lolipopcrash Mar '17
Ice tiles would be good and slightly simple I think.
pear Mar '17
Some more giant minis. Maybe a griffin, or a chimera?
raymond007 Mar '17
A hell category filled with demons and tortured souls and add a giant demon in tje giant miniatures category
runeghost Mar '17
I'd like miniatures of the following

-Dwarven Female
-Giant Spider
-Zombie Monsters (I.E. Behemoth, Spider, Animals)
saintdestiny Mar '17
I would like to see more large animals sticking with the front-ish profile.
Kind of like a safari style of setting, maybe to go eith the adventurer or explorer set.
antiman Mar '17
Has anyone already suggested doing a dressup type mini? With maybe 5 different options for hair and clothes? And have each layer with it's own color selector. Sounds mildly complicated, but I'd like it.
vechmaster Mar '17
Yo, hey Frost.

If possible, a helicopter mini would be greatly appreciated ^_^
derekmelton Apr '17
middevil and space but most of all have the big mins avalible to us not just gm if i may ask
crisisking22 Apr '17
Large sea creatures for me
heaven Apr '17
Please, horses! Why do I keep needing to call bears horses? Just give me HORSES
thunderstar Jun '17  /  edited Jul '17
It's been over a year since I posted my fist mini request... so I thought I might as well post a new one.

Having item minis would be pretty awesome. Them being similar to the, "flying sword" mini. These could be used as a loot dropped by defeating a boss, a magical sword on a pedestal in a temple that you have to find, a trap laying in a path which you have to walk through, or simply if a character is disarmed and drops a weapon.

Magic Crystal
War hammer
Pole axe

Hand gun
Long gun (rifle/shot gun)
Assault rifle
Sniper rifle
swinjamin Jul '17
I think it'd be pretty cool to see different nationalities for medfan like Celts, Romans, Greeks, Amazonians, Aztecs, etc. It could be pretty cool to have.
jediofrealms Jul '17
Someone mentioned it before. But horses would be great.
zuulara Aug '17
A flag mini would be most useful or a banner mini in different colours as they could both be used in medfan like settings to mark a certain faction's territory or could be used in temples and such of that nature.
dmabaldwin Aug '17
A mini I would much enjoy would be a Warg or dire wolf, or some larger animals, they feel very limited, also Elven mini's would be nice for fantasy games!
trotrigar Aug '17  /  edited Aug '17
The minis i was missing so far are:
spaceship, horse, elves, fairy, rocket, computer, dinosaur (?)
Maybe some more giant minis as boss would be cool aswell for example spider, lizard.
lacergunn Aug '17
1. Werewolf mini
2. Female med-fan models (lady with bow/sword/etc)
3. cyborg mini
4. spaceship mini (for sci fi space battles)
spidermod Aug '17
A giant Golem mini would be nice
branthebard Sep '17
1. 50-Gallon Drum (Barrel)
2. Giant Tentacle (Like an Octopus reaching out of the ground. BIG)
3. Door (Rather than Portal, but no circle base)
4. Potted Plant
5. Debris (Such that can be recolored to fit in SciFi, MedFan, Modern, etc.)
solbor Sep '17
(I would like to just take a moment and say thanks for the awesome new minis!)
chemgas650 Oct '17
I think it'd be cool if some more large minis were added. I specifically had a Phoenix and a giant spider in mind.
rxlr Oct '17
Teenagers miniatures with some diversity (16-18 age range), reason being cc in some mod-fans tables related to SAO, and stuff, mainly in my case to give more resources to use in Persona tables. Thanks ahead.
rlvvmc Nov '17
I'd be cool if mounted minis also could be made. Many tables have mounts, though they're either not represented(which causes confusion) or are represented by two different minis, which is bad if the table is already using a lot of minis.
I had in mind:
-Horse rider(male and female)
-Dragon rider(male and female)
-Wolf rider
mylittlepony Nov '17
I concur with the mounted minis idea. I would also suggest the already incredibly commonly suggested mounts themselves, such as horses and pegasi. I would also suggest cars and expansion of the selection of female miniatures.

Also the wild west is pretty cool too.
masipie Nov '17
how do you make them
tomasek1a Nov '17
hello, could you please add Weapons and Sticks?
( Like )

thunderstar Jun '17 / edited Jul '17

Having item minis would be pretty awesome. Them being similar to the, "flying sword" mini. These could be used as a loot dropped by defeating a boss, a magical sword on a pedestal in a temple that you have to find, a trap laying in a path which you have to walk through, or simply if a character is disarmed and drops a weapon.
mylittlepony Nov '17
I don't feel like scrolling up to find what I've already said so I'll just say things again:
- Horses
- Winged humans
- Horses
- Furries
- Horses
- Cars and such
- Horses
- No this has nothing to do with my status as a brony
swordsx Nov '17  /  edited Nov '17
Minis with different heights would be nice. As well as winged human models, angels, demons, that kinda stuff.
Horses and unicorns would be cool too
masipie Nov '17
have ghost creatures of them
valarian Dec '17
More Large character's,
Medfan Bosses and stuff like that.
rlvvmc Dec '17
so uhm, excuse me for posting a second comment, but i wanted to just speak of a few mini ideas that i've been having or gathering from other players.
-More Knight mini variants, like knights using axes and lances with and without shields.
-Female elf minis(This is more of a nitpick as the elf minis look good for both genders)
-More animal and monster minis(Big wolves, Foxes, Lions, Panthers, Griffons, Pegasi, Horses*, etc. ; ghouls, demons(bigger than imp), harpies, witches, ghosts, wyverns(smaller than dragon), etc.)
-Siege weaponry(Ballista and Catapults mostly)
-Light Armored Minis(for humans initially). Basically armored minis that are less bulky than knights
-Oriental Minis. The ones we have do the job, but it'd be cool if we had samurai holding katanas or naginatas, ninjas holding katanas or shuriken, etc.
-Western-style minis(Wild West style? I don't really know the name, but it's those)
-Modern and Space Female minis
-More boss minis(the big ones). (Cerberus, Hydra, Leviathan, etc.)

And now for some personal niche minis that i'd like
-Teenager minis. Many tables have teenage characters, but they're either stuck using the child or adult minis, these teenager minis would be a size in between the adult and child minis
-Male and Female (Naval)Admiral minis. (Mostly due to me having a character that is basically that)
-Human minis with tails (Three characters i have are humanoids with either insect or animal tails, again, niche. Though a few others want these minis for... Other reasons.)
-Angel minis(Basically human mini with wings that can be white or black.)

And now, though it is slightly unrelated, a few tile ideas
-Wall tile. Basically a stone tile with two stone fence(?) tiles on both sides of it to simulate a wall.
-Half-tiles. Right now we have high and low tiles, half-tiles would be the in between. This is mostly a nitpick as i love to portray elevation in my mats
-Window Tile. No, the Modern/Future glass tile does not work for medieval settings, it stands out too much. A window tile would be the same as it, though in a way darker hue and made to fit a medieval style.
-Flowers Tile. Because why not.

That's about all that i can think of, atleast for now.
swordsx Jan '18
Steampunk characters bois
dmions Jan '18
I'd like more pastel cutesy miniatures for punk / kawaii Utopian roleplays, holiday themed miniatures (Santa, Easter Bunny, Halloween characters, etc.) for special holiday events, as well as hologram characters for futuristic roleplays.
sebastion Jan '18
I love playing as a shapeshifter so I'd appreciate more animals but no rush.
Panther/ other big cats.
Thanks! Again no rush. Can easily work with what you've already done.

P.S. Love your art style.
archerboy102 Feb '18
Guys, I was scrolling through minis earlier, and recently my game started on a boat adventure, and I realised there are no Aquatic Minis! Theres land creatures, some flying creatures, but the only sort of aquatic things are draks, lizards, and dragons

We need more Aquatic Minis
Fish?/Schools of Fish?(Not sure)
Some Aquatic monsters like sea monsters or hydras
Fish People
Giant Turtle
Water Horses (and horses >:( )
More Aquatic Animals
vechmaster Feb '18
Heya, Frost

I was wondering if it would be possible to have a variant of the Orc minis. Where the skin colour is green, but the colour of their clothes can be changed?

Asking because a lot of people play as Orcs, and on one of my tables Orcs are one of the playable races, and it is somewhat frustrating that only the skin colour of the Orcs can be changed
lacergunn Feb '18
If there's one thing i'd like to add, it would be the ability to make custom minis. Nothing complex, just a little pixel paint thing.
donaldtrump Mar '18
More objects to make cities and taverns more realistic
otisjustotis Mar '18
Many People Have Asked For These, And I Support Them EXTREMELY!
1:Western/steampunk Minis
2:Custom Minis
3:More Objects
4:Aquatic Minis
5:More Large Minis
6:More Animal Minis
7:Angel Minis And Demon Minis
8:More Female Minis
9:Horses, Pegasi, Unicorns, And Alicorn Minis
10: Cars, Trucks, Carts, etc
punkblade Mar '18
Cameras in the 4 cardinal directions for modern and sci-fi settings
bluephoenix Mar '18
A dwarf miniature with a spear. It would make sense for a dwarf to carry a spear into battle especially against larger creatures.
Also maybe an increase to the miniature limit, 15 is quiet low especially if you want to place down markers and boxes etc. and when players want to be necromancers or summoners.
punkblade Mar '18
Orcs with axes

Because orcs
01chrism Mar '18
One thing I thought of if ever possible is to be able to choose pants color, tie color, hat color, etc.
(Not a demand, just wondering)
scrubblord Apr '18
I don't know if this has been brought up before but i would really like a dragonborn miniature or just reptilian miniatures in general. i have been using the dragon miniature as a substitute and while it works i just really having a giant miniature on the table all the time and i feel like it also ruins the immersion.
archerboy102 Apr '18
@Scrubblord Instead of Dragonborn I tend to use the Drak mini, as it tends to get the point across, although coloring colors the whole thing, not clothes or something
scrubblord Apr '18
thanks archerboy i never even thought of using the drak
spoiderman May '18
It would be cool if you could use at least two different colors when editing miniature (like if your making a superhero, and you want green for the body, and black for the cape, etc)
seanisaswom May '18
How about being able to edit the color of the specific parts of the miniature? (hair, skil, scarf, vest, ect) also add female child characters.
greywolf1600 May '18
All I'm going to say is:
1). Demons
2). More tanky looking stuff other than space marines
3). A custom figure machine
4). Everything else mentioned above
5). Backsides to the figures, and a "Turn around" option
rlvvmc May '18
On the subject of editing colors, there comes one of the ideas i thought about. I know i'm in no place to suggest this, i have no idea of how hard it would be to program and in no way know the time frost has to work on these things, but i did have an idea for custom minis that could work in theory, which is having the custom mini be made of parts of pre-existing minis.
For example:
One could choose a head, torso and legs part for this mini from the pre-existing ones. So one could choose a drak head, a medieval human body and a futuristic leg pair. Coloring could still have the same coding as the original mini if that is even possible, so you wouldn't need to make a whole new thing to allow coloring of these custom minis.
doggoboii Jun '18
more animals would be nice maybe for a zoo, woods or other regions like the desert
luxury Jun '18
Definitely horses! I'm hosting a homebrew Zelda DnD style RPG.
Had used the tank tokens for three horses (including Epona).
plotspider Jun '18
I would love to see:
Different animals like wolves, dragons, spiders, etc.
Dead miniatures that stay on the scene instead of lying off to the side (or prone miniatures, maybe?)
plotspider Jul '18
I have found my answer to my requests. I just wasn't finding it as I learned the system.
luxury Jul '18
Oh can the limit of 15 miniatures increase?
lightshade Jul '18
Just make it so players can make there own minitures alot of people know how to do it same goes with blocks and things like that look at g-mod or other game like table top sim there all sandbox same as fabletop if you want this to happen we just need more post like this please let the community help

from lightshade
lightshade Jul '18
blue and other color lightsaber minitures
vechmaster Jul '18
hiya Frost,

I was wondering if you could implement some form of Jeep mini/car

mostly to either act as a modern car, or as a counterpart to the tank mini ^_^
justjoeo Jul '18
I've seen too people post about the Wild West so far, but I'm going to be more specific.

One mini could be a cowboy, pretty self-explanatory.
Another one could be the sheriff, same as cowboy but with a badge on their shirt.
And one of those classic bandits.
Maybe some prisoners too to put in the local jail.

Misc. Bar Keeper, Townsfolk (Men women and children all in outfits they would've wore then.)
lightshade Aug '18
Custom minis
lightshade Aug '18
Custom minis
Custom minis
Custom minis
Custom minis
Custom minis
Custom minis
Custom minis
Custom minis
Custom minis
Custom minis
Custom minis
rxlr Aug '18
Could you please stop the "custom minis" spam, somewhere I know frost explained why there are no custom minis yet.
oman1666 Aug '18
Important note about this thread: This is to request NEW MINIS. It is not to request other features - such as custom minis for the site. Any further requests made that are not on topic will be removed.
sinsyptic Aug '18

greyline Oct '18
More larger sized minis and kobolds
greyline Oct '18
Also some more sea based stuff like sharks and more pirates
elderprince Dec '18
I would definitely love to see some Kobolds as well as different dragons.
mylittlepony Dec '18
Kobolds, certainly.
otisjustotis Dec '18
i know this was suggested before, but some Minis that have units that are so big they wouldn't fit on screen, like some enormous dragon, and i have also wanted some kraken-esque tentacle minis
keisha Dec '18
custom uploadable miniature png files please?
jungle Dec '18  /  edited Mar '19
I don't really know other than more creatures I suppose.
florenceano Jan '19
I think there should be a different mage mini because its too simple and straightforward

Plz add hairstyle and hair color options

More formal options

Maybe redesign the mini menu a little to make minis look better and allow players to give more detail to their minis. Many of the minis have black hair or orange hair which doesnt make sense if your character isnt either of those. Maybe templates and clothing menu.
vechmaster Mar '19
I think that dinosaur minis would be awesome ^_^
starkillerrx Mar '19
Would be nice to have horseriding minis, as well as just horse minis (and other rides, like camels, donkeys, wargs and even bikes and cars). Also underwater creatures for pirate stories.

Would also be nice to have more customizable color options for characters, maybe being able to change their skin and hair color as well as clothes.
lokiodinson Mar '19  /  edited Jan '20
Personally over the course of my time hosting I�ve seen certain things that come up over and over again and make you think �Why isn�t there a mini for that?� There are three areas I�d like to call attention to.

1) winged figures
Here I�m talking about figures such as harpies or angels. Figures with wings can be used as divine entitys like angels, and they�ll open the door to a whole new type of characters in adventures. From Avariels to archangels, humanoid minis with wings will serve as a great expansion to stories made in fabletop.

2) vehicles
This one was touched with the addition of the truck and car mini. (both of which I�m unable to see for some reason) Two specifics here would be a wagon and a plane. Although they don�t exactly fit in the category as well as some others, I�m generally satisfied with the car and truck minis.

3) Nature (animals and plants)
Yet another somewhat broad category, so I�ll try to narrow it down. There are a few animals that a lot of sessions include and the existing miniatures cover them pretty well. Two things I believe would benefit the users of fabletop most are horses and a mini that would appear somewhat to a lion or puma. The main difference here is that it wouldn�t be in a jumping position and would instead be in a stalking position. Because of its appearances, it could be used for anything from panthers to wolves.
Concerning nature, a mini like a tree would be something that could be used instead of a conglomerate of tiles to show importance (and look a little better). Many times a tree can be an important part of an adventure, and thus should look like it too. Aside from a tree, a smaller piece of foliage like a bush might be useful as well.

Again, these are just the things that I�ve come across on multiple instances. There are others that could be potentially helpful too.
maxy Sep '19  /  edited Sep '19
More aliens would be nice. Also add cannons (medieval or modern).
terminalidea Dec '19
Some skeletons with clothing would be nice, because who in their right mind would summon a skeleton and not give it armor? also a Lich mini to fit the undead army cliche, also horses or warg riders, because why not? pretty sure fantasy people use them all the time, also demons, witches, angels, and devils for the greater ominous big bad stuff.
wifi Jan '20
more casual minis would be nice :)
miguelzinber Jan '20
please place tieflings, armored dwarfs and something similar.
artfuld Mar '20
More generic objects, please
artfuld Mar '20
I like the little things like the chest, object, and ball. Since I can modify their descriptions and color, they can serve multiple purposes (red object = fuel pod, yellow object = gold bar). It would be nice to have a broader range of generic props.

A few ideas:
- signpost (directions to town, warning signs, border markers)
- horizontal cylinder (fuel tank, log, hay bale)
- vertical cylinder (fuel tank, storage bin, water barrel, barricade)
- pot (water pot, chamber pot, spitoon)
- letter X (x marks the spot, hazard zone, terrain)
- stool (place to sit, decor for a tavern)
- rock (different colors for different materials to mine, forage, build)
rlvvmc Apr '20
-Female Pirate Variants
There are none

-Medium-Sized lizard mini
For big lizard-like monsters that aren't portrayed too well by the crocodile mini, but aren't big enough to warrant the dragon mini.
oman1666 Apr '20
Possibly a strange request, but would it be possible to have all the horse minis again, but flipped horizontally? All other minis are pretty ambiguous as to which way they're facing, where as I've noticed cavalry charges coming in from the east appear to be running backwards.
pyrak Apr '20
But Butt cavalry.

Also on that same token you could argue that even when you want to have your minis facing northwest, they're facing southeast. I think it's less that the other minis are pretty ambiguous and more that the direction issue is more pronounced with larger minis, point being the cars, tank and wagon also have the same "issue" on the same level as the cavalry, and everybody else has the issue on a much smaller degree unless they're like the gazebo or exterminator.
verysadgirl Apr '20
I think Siege Weapons could be cool.
Ballistas, Trebuchets, Catapults, Siege Towers etc.
jorahm May '20
I think armoured undead and skeletons could be good. Cause a necromancer would Want some decent troops rather than just grunts. Also, I was thinking that some more mage minis would be good. The main thing is the staffs are pretty plain. Some more interesting ones might be good, like one with a skull on it, or a gemstone. Thanks.
alkwyzheir May '20
A two-headed entity? Those are also exotic.
vechmaster May '20
I feel like a lobster mini would be nice. Not sure why, but why not?
ignprofessor Jun '20
There are water tiles but there are no boats or ships or any merefolk or submarines anything that can thrive in the water. We need a Water Adventure! So, Water-based minis/sprites!
vechmaster Aug '20
I think a shark mini would be lovely, along with some other water-based minis too, like boats of different types
saneki Aug '20
Insectoid-Based minis, since I noticed there are miniatures that are set on adventure-like stuff, like an indiana jones and whatnot, how about some person-sized insects?
gladralf Aug '20
cultist and characters which looks like they're from lovecraft mytho might be nice
mysteryman21 Aug '20
Not sure if this has been requested since there's like 197 posts but, I'd like to see more supernatural types of pieces like a werewolf, vampire, spirit, etc. I do believe that they would be great for both character creation and games like Monster hunters, in terms of finding, neutralizing and elimination.
pyrak Sep '20
Siege Engines (Catapult or Trebuchet and Siege Tower)
Aquatic Miniatures (Boat, creatures, 'player' minies and monsters)
Supernatural (Werewolfs, ghosts/spirits, human sized demons, witch/wizard minis? (with pointy hats)).
verysadgirl Sep '20
Big Eldritch Horrors!
Tall Minis depicting strange nonsensical creatures with many eyes, several mouths and of course Tentacles would be funnnn
vechmaster Sep '20
some sort of Napoleonic-esque minis would be cool. Like soldiers with muskets, cannons, noblemen and women from that sort of era/style
vechmaster Oct '20
Oh! what would be cool might be to add some dinosaur minis to the adventure section, it could add some fun variety ^_^
penguein Oct '20
Someone suggested more generic objects due to their customizable nature, and I approve of this. Should be easy to make too.
An X would be a nice figure to have.
llamascanfly Mar '21
More Vehicles, like Boats and Space Ships could fit well
alkwyzheir Mar '21
How difficult would it be to have a custom mini where people could upload it? I don't know anything about website programming and had to ask.
verysadgirl Mar '21
Some fully armoured variants of the other medieval fantasy races would be really really cool!
Also tieflings
vechmaster Mar '21
oh! I would love to see a large and very large ball mini please, for use as boulders and other spherical objects
andreatupac Apr '21
What about trees and tombstones? Could it be possible to add them? Anyway, thank you so much for this wonderful virtual tabletop!
andreatupac May '21
How about a set of miniatures for a Victorian setting?
alkwyzheir May '21
Here's a question instead of a request.
1. What type of image does the mini have? Is it .jpg, .png, etc.
2. What's its average and maximum size for pixels?
3. Is it possible for us players to submit miniature ideas in completed picture form?

If it were me, I would be super down to try making a Gryphon mini or whatever the hell looks interesting.

Edit: As an afternote, I realized Frost mentions regarding this, but I still would like to ask since "this time" refers to 5-6 years ago.
"Please note that uploadable designs are not being considered at this time."
baragon Aug '21
I want the marker minis shaped like mushrooms brought back. Mushrooms add to forest scenes, etc.
luka12 Apr '22
I'm all into medieval style roleplay, and i run out of miniatures based around monsters pretty quickly, especially the humanoid ones...
I would like a Kobold minifig, it would help a ton.
Oh yea, and could the minifigs with weapons get a double sword / dagger
meepowolf Jun '22
I'd really like some modern military miniatures that are female if possible. And a Helicopter for those of us that play modern tables or could use it to substitute for things like gunships or dropships in sci-fi
verysadgirl Jun '22
Some axe-wielding orcs for medfan would be really fun because what proper self-respecting orc doesn't have an axe

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