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How do I delete my account?

edm245 Jun '20
I am slowly trying to reduce my presence online, and to do so I've been googling my usernames and deleting my accounts on websites I do not use anymore. While I did make this account in 2013, I have to be honest and say I haven't used it since than. I've looked at my profile options and I don't see a "delete" key anywhere.
So I've decided to just make a post on the forum since that seems to be where the contact button is pointing me. Thanks : )
first Jun '20
I do not know of anyway to delete your account, however, currently the Recover Password option is unavailable so maybe change your password to something random and then log out without saving it.
oman1666 Jun '20
There is no way to delete your account. I moderate this site and if you'd like I can ban your account which will remove everything on the account but keep a blank page of the username on the site. I don't really recommend this because it'll hard ban your IP and you won't be able to return under a different account if you want to in the future.

The only other thing you can do is send a message to the user 'frost' who is the site's creator and admin, but I don't know if he has an ability to delete accounts.
edm245 Jun '20
Thank you for your responses! I will look into contacting frost and asking them about it. I would like to keep a perma-ban as a late option.

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