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Fabletop's Creature!

trotrigar Apr '20
Let's make a whole creature made up by Fabletop's players. Name, Appearance, Habits, Natural Habitant, Diet, Culture, and all that.

Let me start it off by...

The creature fears skulls, and gets hypnotized by the moon.
alkwyzheir Apr '20

Trehk. A creature that lives in the clouds. They have a humanoid body with a vine-like tongue that can extend to the ground from the clouds. Those tongue is used to reel in any creatures that touched, having the scent of persimmons mixed with fine wine. It can lift anything that is lower than 100 kilograms. If the conditions are met, the prey is taken up and caught by the trehks.

They are able to stand on clouds because of their magical skins, and their saliva makes anything aquaphobic (water wouldn't sink and just rush past through objects like solid metal).

Besides their skin, their body is stuck to a cloud. If that cloud ever disappates, the trehk will die. Because of this, they take any of their prey's heat and stores it in their pouch attached to their back. Whenever the cloud would cool down to rain, they will spread the heat mana all around the cloud to keep it permanently hanging.

The trehks aren't too intellectual, and their tongue is often hunted as a valuable material. Not only it is able to cure some diseases, but it can be eaten, making those who eat it having no thirst for a day.
penguein Jun '20
.. are we going to create 5 more creatures and pit them in a gladiatoral arena to see which one survives?
rutniuf Jul '20
OH, a great idea, penguein!

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