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What's your "sounds fake, is real" moment in FT?

alkwyzheir Apr '20
Something so crazy and looks unbelievable, but actually happened in your time roleplaying in Fabletop?
alkwyzheir Apr '20
Rolling a skull, followed with a moon on an "Item Loot roll"

Twice. In. A. Row.
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oman1666 Apr '20
One of my favourite snippets from my table;

One of my players had stolen something of relatively low value from a local shop, it was a plot point that the shop hadn't had its trade caravan come through in a while and only had a handful of items left at the local shop, so of course they noticed it missing, and the only people who had come through town was the party.

The 'sheriff' of the town confronted them asking for it back, with it being understood that the town would gun them down if they didn't get it back.

One of the players demanded 10 caps (a tiny amount of money) from the other or he'd keep it and let them both get shot to ribbons.
alkwyzheir Apr '20
@oman1666 Oh man, what the hell xD
That guy is such a prick it's insane!
rlvvmc Apr '20
Does getting ten stars in a ten dice roll count?
oman1666 Apr '20
Yes that counts Rlv!

I have been waiting literally 7 years to see that. That's a one in about fifty-thousand event that I honestly thought might never be seen.
verysadgirl Apr '20
It's not the craziest thing I guess but I once rolled three Moons in a row lol
oman1666 Apr '20
That's a one in five-thousand result, VSG! I think it definitely counts.
alkwyzheir Apr '20
Now that is unexpected. VSG's roll was like 1/5000th chance, and to include that? Jesus. It's 1/1889.568th possibility. Sometimes I think that dice gods is just there to mess with people.
alkwyzheir Apr '20
I talked to the dicegod once. It told me that trotrigar's birthday is next month and I should DM some people about it. Turns out it's true.
talhajami Apr '20  /  edited Apr '20
Frost has only ever made a single character so far ... and it's for my table.
alkwyzheir Apr '20
@talhajami Pogchamp
vechmaster Apr '20
I feel like Izzy's double-disadvantage mine-hurl success would count
oman1666 Apr '20  /  edited Apr '20
I really don't think landmines are throwing weapons. Even writing this I still strongly hold the position 'throwing a landmine at someone is dumb and wouldn't work' I was tempted to say 'no you can't do that' but thought I'd be nice.

To top it off;

30 foot near vertical throw, up into a structure and through a door.

I set 2 star difficulty and double disadvantage... (1 disadvantage for it being an idea that shouldn't work, and one for the terrible angle. 2 star difficulty due to the distance you're throwing the mine)

I'm still mad, Vech
vechmaster May '20
with the sheer amount of chems in Izzy's system, the laws of physics and logic simply no longer apply to her
frost May '20
A quick note on unlikely rolls and probability. :)

If you've been on Fabletop for long enough (say 2 or 3 years) and have rolled the dice 5000 times, then the odds that you will get a roll that has a 1/5000 chance at least ONCE are pretty good. It is even more likely that you will see someone else roll it (the more people you play with, the greater the odds.)

That's how probability works. "What are the odds I would roll 10 stars EVER?" is different than "what are the odds my NEXT roll will be 10 stars?"

Not to be a downer... It's still cool to see when it happens. :)
hustle May '20
Frost, get your sound logic and probability out of here. This is a fantasy land where the dice secretly hate us, and we know you programmed them that way.
alkwyzheir May '20
It's still unbelievable for the people who care greatly of the table that rolls that 10 starts. If you see some characters you are familiar with getting a 10 star,

"One does not simply not shout and cheer."
oman1666 May '20
Yeah, as far as I'm aware (and I'm probably wrong) the 10 star roll on this thread is the only confirmed time it's -ever- happened
mylittlepony May '20
Tyrra absolutely destroyed the guy who got hit with the 10-star roll btw
verysadgirl May '20

Not an improbable roll this time but instead a moment in RP.
Fabletop just KNEW when and which action to award with a Moon.
jervaj May '20
Of course Frost. Thats how probability works, if it can happen it will eventually do, and the bigger the sample the most results tends to its average chance.

However is still makes weird to see some things and memorable when it happens. Also some things like a 10 star roll are also the more unlikely to be seen because in most tables you rarely roll 10 dice at once.

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