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How has COVID-19 affected your time at Fabletop?

alkwyzheir Apr '20
With the recent events within 2020, there's implementations of lockdowns, work-from-homes and all sorts of chaos for everyone including the players at Fabletop. It may get them more time to engage in Fabletop, or it can be the other way around.

How has it affected yours?
P.S: I hope you all won't be burdened too much from all the trouble we are enduring.
talhajami Apr '20
I actually have more free time than ever nowadays, and I'm still not spending as much time on Fabletop as I'd like to. These online university classes tho... not only are they practically useless, but in place of actual learning we're getting hounded by assignments and online exams. And I'm sure that's something every uni student on Fabletop can relate to.

So while I'm at home all the time and technically "free" aside from the classes, I have more work to do than I ever did when classes took place normally. It's definitely an odd situation. I mean... what do they expect their students to worry about? The virus or their GPA?

Sorry if that sounds a bit like a rant, but that's what it is. I'd go as far to say that because of this whole uni situation, I've actually been spending far less time on Fabletop than I did before the lockdowns.

What about you, alkwy? How're things at your end?
alkwyzheir Apr '20
It doesn't really change much of my time, for I have to admit. I've already spent most of my time isolated indoors way before the recent events, and the only difference now is the way I have the online classes. It has made a lot of time to self-do the whole tasks I have at hand.

I still occasionally visit Fabletop, and it became more acceptable to be present at odd times now.

And it's fine. One of the best things about Fabletop is the players itself. Some people know you and are willing to pour tea to listen to your rants. They'll read this and if you ever meet them in table they'll be like, "Oh, I hope you're doing okay." People who care will listen, and they are facing the same thing as you. Although the point of the a table is to play, to play well means both sides has to enjoy it. We're here to listen.
talhajami Apr '20
Mhm, completely agree.
oman1666 Apr '20
Honestly, this isolation has been a dream for Fabletop.

Between October and April I hosted 8 sessions of my current campaign.

I've hosted another 4 since then! The lockdown makes players more available and has made it easier to organise games.

It's a good way to stay distracted from anxiety filled news and stay social too, especially as I live alone. So... thanks Fabletop community!
jervaj May '20
For me I guess it has made me a bit more available. I still work but less hours than I used to. But the main difference was not going out. The times of the day Im available and enter fabletop are similar, but I can do so know almost every day, when before several days a week were blocked out.

Outside activity its starting to be allowed so I may go back to normality soonish.

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