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Fabletop Hunger Games

rlvvmc Oct '19
Heyo! Rlvvmc here. Since i don't have much to do i came up with a cool thing we could do as a community: Fabletop Hunger Games Battle Royale edition!

So here is how this'll work:
There is a maximum of 48 open slots, with more or less used depending on how many applications i get.

If you want to participate, post here a character that'll represent you with a reference picture linked and their gender.

After either having acquired enough applications to fill all slots or after a month, i'll put in all of the characters in a hunger games simulation, and craft a story out of the results i get that i'll then post in my table at times i'll decide on(most likely friday or saturday).

The setting for this battle Royale will be the jungle island of Vilnera, a dangerous place where the participants will very likely face many beasts during their travels, and facing many exotic dangers.

Here's the format to apply:

Character Name:
Character Appearance:
Character Gender:
{Optional} Short Bio:
tetrakataki Oct '19
Player: tetrakataki
Character Name: Arilla
Character Appearance:
Character Gender: Female

The image is a pure square already, so you don't have to worry if you want to use it int he simulator.
nella Oct '19
Player: Nella
Character Name: Ozymandias Verona
Character Appearance:
Character Gender: Male
Short Bio: Ozymandias wishes to create a legacy as a warrior and true hero. There is one problem with that though... Ozymandias has never been in a real fight in his life. He has studied and trained for many years, but has no actual combat experience.
xenotheoddst Oct '19
Paler: xenotheoddest
Character name: Mortis the Magic Merchant
Character Appearence:
Character Gender: Male
Short Bio: Grew up poor. Saw rich and Powerful people could basically do what they want, so his life's goal is to become the richest being alive (or undead)
canibalberga Oct '19
Player: canibalberga
Character Name: Ruby Raakshas
Character Appearance:
Character Gender: female
Short Bio: half-demon, half-elf. Ruby is a ruthless fighter with 'khoon tum bahaar' (her spear) but she also has a strong grip on the arts of blood magic, fire magic, necromancy and clerical magic
mylittlepony Oct '19
Player: mylittlepony
Character Name: Samuel
Character Appearance:
Character Gender: Male
Short Bio: yeah it's just me lol
verysadgirl Oct '19
Player: verysadgirl
Character Name: Chal'ia
Character Appearance:
Character Gender: Female
{Optional} Short Bio: It's really just my emo elf girl on trot's ft2 lol
qwart23 Oct '19
Player: Qwart23
Character Name: leyton
Character Appearance:
Character Gender: Male
Short Bio: Grew up as an orphan and made a living by stealing and other criminal means in his free time he would practice archery with a cheap bow he bought.
zomb Oct '19
character name: Gruk
Character appearance:
Character gender: Male
Short bio: a exiled warrior who looks for ether glories battle or magnificent death to be accepted back into his tribe
lokiodinson Oct '19
Player: Lokiodinson
Character Name: Nathan Sorz
Character Appearance:
Character Gender: Male
Short Bio: Basically a persona I adopted a while back, and started using his name instead of my own. Started out as one of my first roleplay characters ever. Started interning at a law enforcement agency after graduating college, and he's currently 27.
bustamark Oct '19  /  edited Oct '19
Player: Bustamark.
Character Name: Pater Tuus.
Character Appearance:
Character Gender: Male.
{Optional} Short Bio: Pater Tuus served in the Russian Army during WW2, and what he saw broke him. The numerous war crimes done by both sides, on top of normal war stress, caused him to kill his whole unit (about 30 soldiers by that point) and flee. Due to the Ongoing war effort, the Soviet's couldn't take the time and effort to hunt him down, and when the war ended, he was forgotten. Since then, he has lived in Moscow, working as a martial arts instructor to get by, and getting wasted drinking vodka every night in order to keep the night terrors at bay.

((The last sentence of this post was inappropriate for Fabletop and this post has been edited by the moderator. Don't do it again.)
862ian Oct '19
Player: 862ian
Character Name: Higari
Character Appearance:
Character Gender: Female
{Optional} Short Bio: My character on pyrak's table
penguein Oct '19  /  edited Oct '19
Player: penguin
Character Name: Adelwolf Hiedler
Character Appearance: (resized to square, so you can just drop it in)
Character Gender: Male
{Optional} Short Bio: Adelwolf lives in a peaceful world where the industrial revolution had started, but advanced technology was not available yet. He works as a postman and delivers letters on his bicycle. In his free time he likes to read books and indulge in history, in his closest circles he talks about his many ideas. Arguing with his father in childhood had made him a great debater and speaker.
He has a stern and reliable demeanor.
rlvvmc Oct '19  /  edited Oct '19
Penguein, your application is declined.

I should note that applications that are intended as jokes will generally be declined. Also note i've already declined someone for making a references to nazis. If possible, refrain from making any references to anything that exists in real life.

Try to post an application that is semi-serious at least.
redriot Oct '19
Player: redriot
Character Name: Gritz
Character Appearance:
Character Gender: Male
Short Bio: A prison Guard for the underwater civilization of Aquies
deathwatcher Oct '19
Player: Deathwatcher
Character Name: Eric
Character Appearance:
Character Gender Male
Short Bio: just your average dude
penguein Oct '19  /  edited Oct '19
Player: penguein
Character Name: Adopodoesius
Character Appearance: (also squarerooted)
Character Gender: Male
{Optional} Short Bio: Scandals, Arguments, Mental Pwnage!
Adopodoesius is a true philosopher hero, whose first part of his life is so boring no one bothered to write it down, and whose second part is so awesome there wasn't a third. Elea eacta est, amigo.
They say god took him to heaven (or hell), but he really got isekai'd into hungry land.
bustamark Oct '19
Hey, rlv, just a quick question, how much longer until you do this thing? I want to see how fast my character goes down (my bet is that he doesn't even get past the first two days, thinking of betting on him dying on the first day though).
rlvvmc Oct '19
Today is the last day to apply in fact.
oman1666 Oct '19  /  edited Oct '19
Player: oman1666
Character Name: Sir Igery
Character Appearance:
Character Gender: Male
{Optional} Short Bio: A Veteran of a past war, that whilst fought to a victory left the blood of good men on his hands. Now a Captain of Knights with survivors guilt and a hero complex.
bustamark Nov '19
Ah, I see

Well, I think it's past the final day by now, so Let me just say goooood luck to everyone!

And may the odds, be EVER, in your favor.
first Nov '19
Player: Rxlr
Character Name: Julius
Character Appearance:
Character Gender: Male
oman1666 Nov '19
So er... is this happening then?
rlvvmc Dec '19
i'm putting this in the backburner for now. I got other stuff to do.

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