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GM tales

bluephoenix May '19
A post where all the GM's can post interesting, funny, horrific, crazy, "something your players have done you are proud of", whatever stories to share with everyone.
As a sidenote, please do not criticise another GM's style of play here or their actions. Everyone does things differently and this is merely meant as a post to share stories.

I will begin with two.

A while ago during a session, full party was walking through a cursed forest trying to find an entrance to a dungeon, they had a chance to inquire about the dangers and how to fight them at last town they visited but decided to just skip it and head straight to the forest.
2 Spectres appear as small/medium obstacle.

Melee fighters try to swing their benign weapons at them, passes straight through without damage. Oh no moment.

Magic users who would have had an easy time getting rid of them miss every shot and everyone slowly loses more and more health.

Almost whole party decides to run, everyone rolls empty or skulls on their escape rolls and trips over logs, isn't fast enough etc. The ones who try to stay and fight die in seconds due to injuries and lack of equipment to fight spectres.

Almost the entire party dies in the forest and their souls are turned into spectres themselves.

Not sure what I would categorise this one as.


Second story,

Small party goes and finds out about goblins pestering a village, one member of the party is a tall human fighter.

Party ends up finding large den of goblins. Even has a shaman and an ogre in it that works with the goblins.

What should have been a difficult fight as the party gets ambushed by goblins turns into a slaughter against the goblins.

Tall human fighter mentioned at the start rolls moons and full rolls left and right, slaughters all the goblins with ease almost by himself.

Tall human fighter now has the nickname of goblin slayer.
yummypancake May '19  /  edited Jun '19
alkwyzheir Jun '19
First story.

The party just finished a battle. All that remains is them and the last guy being mauled by the player wolves. One of the player (with 1 HP remaining) decides to stomp the guy's head to death.

I worryingly asked, "Are you sure about that? You only have one HP left." He shrugged it off by saying it's fine.

He then rolls for his might roll and nailed a skull die. The orc (enemy) bit the player's toe off and would've died from excessive bleeding if it wasn't my first session.

Second Story
Remember the video meme of Wizzo the Wizard? I made a ripoff of that person for practice RP. The lunatic almost always have moon dies and can't be killed. Like, yeah. This ain't rare, but it's worth mentioning.
rutniuf Sep '19
For the first session I've GM-ed, there's a pretty unusual thing happened.

The party was getting in a fight with zombies in a lab. It was the first time I introduce the giant zombie as an enemy. And everyone (except the medic) roll blanks, lows, or skulls. While the Medic gets at least 2-3 Stars per roll, and literally killed every zombie there is (there were about 5-6 including the giant zombie). After that, the Medic player just laughs while the others just don't talk about it.

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